Tweet of the day: Husband vs. husband, are you sure this isn’t a villain?

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Through the time and space of the little fox daily a tweet, strong together, is fierce!”Cannon fodder false master online baby” thousand tea Jiang Yiwen wearing a book, wearing a true false master of cannon fodder false master, in order to keep the glory and wealth, stole the baby medicine, want to be pregnant with childhood friends of the child.Jiang turns out to be in the wrong room, a complete misunderstanding.Two months later, he found his stomach in despair, it it it it big!!* I thought I was just doing a favor, but a year later, a fat 9-month-old baby popped into my life.And fat babies call out “Daddy” when they see themselves.Zhang Junmo:…”God’s lover [infinite]” also no crazy language Jiang Xing is a natural hunter, appearance Juan The United States and warm, secretly pursue extreme stimulation and happiness, specifically pick can kill his people pull steady hatred.After wave N copy: beauty smile: not afraid, I still dare.Then his eyes were covered with the hand of the cold, imposing man who stood behind him.Pop, the fans in the studio watching the most powerful rookie to play the copy exploded….Wave is not afraid dead of the strongest x mage steady field combining, both as a king — love sweet and cool upgrades wen ~ small plane through the end of the world to experience this, tapping ma3 jia3: base commander players against a copy of the class is over, tapping ma3 jia3: through the upper area of the vampire wizard copies, tapping ma3 jia3: first global linkage copy has passed, tapping ma3 jia3:*&#%@ Breakdown copy is finished, Attack Armor: Surprise Holiday special copy is finished * Non-horror non-puzzle infinite flow * Prologues are the background of the story, can be avoided ~* in the skin of doomsday/bio/magic/science fiction/superpowers/disaster type of feeling, feeling, sub, this **** part of the inspiration source final Fantasy 14* Thanks to the cover artist, xunzi