Bonus 5.85 billion!Zhong, who has a price of 455 billion yuan in these standards, relies on more than Nongfu Spring

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In 2021, Nongfu Spring’s gross income and net profit were 29.696 billion yuan and 7.162 billion yuan, in which Zhong once again defeated a high valuation enterprise in the air with strong cash flow, proving that the essence of business, whether it is traditional industry or the Internet, is to create value.He recently overtook Zhang Yiming and Ma Huateng to remain The richest man in China for a second time, with a net worth of $455 billion, but Zhong Is almost the lowest profile among the nation’s billionaires.He is known as the “lone Wolf” because he is a maverick who doesn’t care what the outside world thinks.In the business layout is bold and radical, in addition to nongfu Spring, support his richest value and what?On March 28, Nongfu Spring released its 2021 earnings report, showing that the company achieved a total revenue of 29.696 billion yuan in 2021, up 29.8% year on year.The net profit returned to the mother was 7.162 billion yuan, up 35.7% year on year.That equates to nongfu Spring netting nearly 20 million yuan a day, according to industry calculations.In order to highlight the company’s strong cash flow capacity, Nongfu Spring has a special requirement of 5.06 billion yuan at the end of the year, plus 1.91 billion yuan in dividend in the middle of the year, that means the total dividend in 2021 could reach 6.97 billion yuan, accounting for 97% of the net profit for parents in the same period, while Zhong, who accounts for 83.98% of shares, picked 5.85 billion yuan alone.Although zhong’s wealth dropped by nearly 100 billion yuan in the index, zhong remained the richest in China, or the 15th in the world, with 455 billion yuan in the index, according to Hurun Global Rich List released on March 17.But It is not nongfu Spring, a subsidiary of Yangsheng Tang, that has propelled Zhong into the no. 1 spot.In addition to founding nongfu Spring, he also made Yangshengtang Turtle turtle pills, Nongfu Orchard, mother brand beef stick and so on.Tianyan has found that there are 146 companies in which Zhong has served and 20 in which he has had effective control, ranging from pharmaceuticals to venture capital and management consulting.The explosive growth of his wealth mainly depends on Nongfu Spring and Wantai Biological.Wantai Biology is an established in vitro diagnosis company. After its listing, it was wildly sought after by the capital. Once, it rose by the daily limit of 26 times in a row.According to the financial results, Wantai Biology in 2021 to achieve operating revenue of 5.75 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 144.25%;Net profit of RMB 2.021 billion, up 198.59% year on year.When Zhong bought Wantai In 2001, it cost only 17.1 million yuan in these standards.In December 2019, The bivalent HPV vaccine xinkoning, which wantai spent 18 years developing, was approved for registration, and the company became the first domestic HPV vaccine manufacturer to be approved for the market.At that time, Almost no one looked at Wantai Biological, relying on a hepatitis E vaccine for 20 years, such as the wind of the era.But Zhong Has continued to sustain the industry for 20 years, with a market value of more than 100 billion yuan and a net profit of more than 2 billion yuan.Obviously, there is no casual success, success behind in addition to accurate vision, and ordinary people can not reach the strong willpower.Unlike many other Chinese entrepreneurs, The Chairman of the Shan Group does not join any business association, nor make friends with them, nor give media interviews nor make public appearances.”People who really do business don’t show up too much,” he said bluntly.Yang Yiqing, executive chairman of the Zhejiang Merchants Research Association, once said that he was very individualistic and did not participate in any selection. He refused many social engagements in his early years, so he may have offended many people.”A lot of people think I’m a loner, and that’s pretty much the case,” he says. “I don’t want to talk about people I don’t agree with.But I don’t feel lonely. I have my own lifestyle and my own circle of friends.It’s a person’s personality. It’s what suits them.”Zhong resigned as a director and chairman of Wantai In order to minimize exposure in these standards, as well as convener of the strategy committee and nomination committee of the board of directors.He once said: “The comparison of products with products must benefit consumers. Many of us regard products as commodities, and commodities and products are two different things. Products contain research achievements, painstaking efforts, accumulation of years, and accumulation of science and technology.Goods are the selling price and the buying and selling relationship in the market. If an enterprise does not express its contribution to society through its products, what should it do?”An enterprise, like a person, doesn’t care what peers are doing or thinking in these standards, Zhong just keeps a low key and focuses on being a valuable enterprise in the future, because the essence of business should return to creating value in the end.This may be the shortest road to success.