“Wolf boss pet rabbit alone” chapter 1 The Wolf’s den meets the waves again

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Comatose, The consciousness of Li Yunqiao returned to the mother with Li Yuan was engulfed by the flames of that night, father hurriedly confessed to find two aunt, Shouting “to live”, pushed her down the moat.A biting cold hit, Li Yunqiao was a basin of water to wash his feet.A torrent of foul language was hurled at my face.”Don’t think you have a pretty face, know a few words, and know how to play the piano, chess and calligraphy. You are the daughter of a big lady. I tell you, in the fragrance courtyard, as long as you don’t sleep with a man, you are a dog even lower than the lady!Hurry up and get these clothes cleaned. The girls are still waiting for a new dress for the five provinces in southwest China in five days.”Speak, is the fragrance of the courtyard after kitchen niang Feng gu, because and turtle public leg, also discipline wench servant, people vigorous and insolent, usually we have anger dare not speak.Since the moat that difficult, Li Yunqiao several times after tossing and turning, living in Yongcheng.Yongcheng is not suitable for farming because of its steep terrain, and it is also a place where traffic must pass through, so nine out of ten dry businesses are ripping off customers.Among them, those who manage get most, those who let a person be most willing to take out money, be this play woman’s line when.As Cheng Dieyi said, no woman can leave Yongcheng with clean hands.But zi Long brother said, the most important thing for a woman is innocence, so, Li Yunqiao endured insults, beating, would rather die, also want to keep innocence.But hear “southwest five provinces show together”, Li Yunqiao or with embrace the last bundle of life-saving straw same, embrace feng gu’s leg, shout up: “you just say what?Five provinces in southwest China?I’ll go, I’ll go.”Because father said, second aunt presided over this year’s southwest five provinces, if you go there, will be able to find second aunt.The second aunt loved her the most and would avenge her!Feng gu where to know these, her eyes only business.Because of long-term hunger, feng so only a little hard li Yunqiao kicked the ground, then spit on her: “what crazy?It’s a party every three years, and it’s all important people who get to go. You?I can’t go yet if I want to.””How can I get there?Tell me?I’ll do anything!”Li Yunqiao repeated, and caught the foot of the trousers of feng Gu.Seeing her so crazy, Feng Gu said, “How about serving men?The owner’s wife said, whoever takes good care of Uncle Shen will follow us to the four seasons.”So saying, Feng Gu lifted Li Yunqiao’s chin and studied her face.A woman with a face so small she takes a sip.Feng gu swallow swallow saliva, a face bad smile said to Li Yunqiao: “recently heard that Uncle Shen wants to find a baby, look at you like this, maybe can become.”Feng gu mouth of Shen, Li Yunqiao also heard, heard that he is unusually fierce, simply do not put women when people, the fragrance of the courtyard of the girl few dare to close to him.Think of here, Li Yunqiao froze on the spot.Feng gu had known this, simply take retreat, push her, damage said: “afraid?If I’m afraid, I’ll stay in the fragrance house as a laundry slave all my life!”And then you have to go.Li Yunqiao was very afraid of such an incantation and quickly stopped her and said, “I will.I do.”Every word is said to the heart of feng Gu.She’s been waiting a long time for this day.The owner’s wife is pressing the task, old and caring every day.Chicken gu thought, would rather introduce Li Yunqiao to Uncle Shen.Look at this li Yunqiao delicate flesh, must be some broken daughter big miss, without personal affairs, that uncle Shen fierce, may play her out of luck, then on the one hand to meet the proprietor’s intention, to satisfy Uncle Shen, on the other hand, broken old friends, really three birds with one arrow.Hence call a person to dress up for Li Yunqiao, return part of li Yunqiao help well, part keep boast way: “right, this is a good girl!”Soon, Li Yunqiao to greet the man’s news spread throughout the fragrance courtyard.All the girls came and took a look, betting on how long Li Yunqiao could call, cry, and jump off a building. They had a lot of fun, and the whole courtyard was filled with a lively atmosphere that they had not seen for a long time.Only Li yunqiao was racking his brains to find a way to protect himself and get letters of introduction.Thinking over and over, Li Yunqiao felt that this time to find the sixth son, there must be a way.The girls in the fragrance courtyard would turn to him for help if they had anything to sell or any news to pass on.Is to eat a little “loss” every time!At this time, Li Yunqiao is not afraid, in order to receive guests just dressed up in the head has been a white jade hairpin as a chip, to exchange with the sixth son.Unexpectedly, the sixth son promised very readily, and seemed to know she would come, also know what she wanted, before she opened her mouth, the sixth son very readily patted his chest, said: “Nothing, it’s all up to me!”Then on the grounds of not staying too long to Call Li Yunqiao back.However, promised to promised, time flew, to the reception of Uncle Shen’s day, the sixth son has not come, anxious Li Yunqiao has been in the room around.I don’t know how long later, Li Yunqiao heard someone climbing out of the window.”Who!”Li Yunqiao alert call, quickly walked to the window.”It’s me, little six.”Soon there was a sound from the window.Li Yunqiao suddenly happy, open the window, the sixth son unexpectedly jumped in, like into their own home.Li Yunqiao felt uncomfortable, but the sixth son really came, but he did not give Li Yunqiao face to face, but directly put other ingredients into the wine pot, and then very carefully shake, wipe, Li Yunqiao looked a little confused, thinking, after eating the medicine will make people drowsy past need to put on so much?The sixth son explained: “This is good stuff, you don’t need to understand.Ah, the fragrance of the courtyard of the girls that little mind, I usually do not tell, with this thing, to protect you comfortable.””Comfortable what?”Li Yunqiao heard in a fog.The sixth son took the opportunity to raise his hand quickly to wipe Li Yunqiao’s face.Li Yunqiao was surprised and frightened, stamping his feet and swearing: “What are you doing?””What?Charge bai!Looks like it’s about time!I’m going first!”So saying, he jumped expertly out of the window.Li Yunqiao gas in place to turn, this door has been pushed open, wine and food are also the boys display on the table, it seems that is really small six son said, the guests come!Listening to the footsteps approaching, Li Yunqiao was afraid to step back behind the table. He buried his head and heard a familiar voice before greeting him.”How are you?”The voice was steady and strong, and every word seemed to have an accent.The master of this voice is Shen Lang.Li Yunqiao felt nothing but a shock in his heart.