Zhang LAN and Zhang Yingying mountain climbing wear the same style, but live cast big S, too strong to force Wang Xiaofei into cheating with women’s feelings of man

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Wang Xiaofei was frequently photographed with Zhang Yingying in the same frame, it seems that the relationship between the two has been hammered.Recently, Wang Xiaofei was also reported to have cheated on her in marriage, so She chose to separate from her husband. After that, they broke up amicably to give Wang Xiaofei face.Although the netizen Shi Hammer, wang Xiaofei as the party is not eager to clarify, or eat and drink, but Wang Xiaofei’s mother Zhang LAN could not bear to watch.With a live broadcast to respond to the son Wang Xiaofei all sorts of things, but Zhang LAN this evasive answer is not the question of the answer, it is connotation of others.Zhang LAN was asked about the scandal between Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying during the live broadcast.With a pile of women women in marriage can not be too hypocritical too selfish, let the other half of the life is too wronged too oppressive comments to answer the net friends.This inevitably makes netizens think that Zhang LAN is in the connotation of S is too strong, do not give Wang Xiaofei his own space.Zhang LAN frequently spoke similar remarks during the live broadcast, sometimes a lively warm male, but you were forced to cheat and play with women’s feelings of the man.Or because you are too strong, too domineering, too angry, there are many girls after divorce, always think that the man is wrong, maybe they hope to whitewash their son through these remarks, put the whole blame on big S.Say so much is to defend son Wang Xiaofei, but if the rumor is not true, do not need Zhang LAN Wang Xiaofei must be the first to jump out to deny.Besides, Zhang LAN also climbed the mountain with Zhang Yingying and wore the same type of jewelry. I don’t know what Zhang LAN thought at that time.What do you think about this?Image source network intrusion deletion