Changan Auchan X5 5 heavy courtesy real gift all dry goods

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Changan Aushang X55 real gift all dry goods activity one zero interest purchase car: lower order users up to enjoy 7000 yuan discount 50,000 36 zero interest activity 20 million red envelope: lower order users can participate in the lucky draw up to 10000 yuan car purchase gift activity three set enjoy: lower order is to send 1000 yuan welcome gift package activity four test drive immediately:Car models: Auchan X5 Manual gear 1.6CVT Luxury 1.6CVT Comfortable 1.6CVT youth version (including car clothes) 1.Jin Cool car clothing gift of the first 600 submitted applications and through the next subscription users can be free of charge ‘trend car clothing’ a set (only Auchan X5 sport edition enjoy) 2: the first owners of the next subscription will have the opportunity to obtain ultra-long free basic maintenance 3: the first owners have the opportunity to obtain ultra-long warranty (99.9% parts free true warranty) 4:Up to 50 thousand yuan fixed loan, 3 years 0 interest 5: replacement subsidy up to 3000 yuan 6 5 years basic flow free, more sing bar, iQiyi, love interest listen to value-added flow joy to send Changan Auchan X5 with new Blue whale NE1.5T engine, the maximum power 132Kw,With the maximum torque of 300N·m, the engine won the honor of “China Heart” Top ten engines in 2020 due to the support of Changan Blue Whale technology. The engine has lower fuel consumption and the highest thermal efficiency of 40%, which is comparable to advanced engines.It only takes 7.79 seconds to accelerate 0-100km/h, which is called “surface aircraft” by netizens!In addition, the 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission independently developed by Changan has more efficient shift efficiency and dynamic response, lower maintenance cost and higher economic efficiency. The three positions (teachers, doctors and soldiers) will have other welfare activities from February 20, 2022 to February 20, 2022