Community containment, those ordinary warmth

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Planning/Our Network editorial Department “1 Tension gradually dispersed by fireworks @ Zhang Chuan, male, Xi ‘an, Shaanxi Xi ‘an epidemic peak in late December 2021.We are constantly updated with the latest news every day. There are many new confirmed cases of COVID-19, and everyone is very nervous.On the evening of December 22, the news of comprehensive containment came.The next day, the city’s communities (villages), units implement closed management, each family every two days by one person to go out to purchase daily supplies, out of the unit, the community issued a certificate.I live in Qujiang New District, my parents home in Lianhu District, that night, I hurriedly call my parents, fortunately, they eat and drink enough, the community supermarket can operate normally, buy daily need of vegetables, meat, fruit is not a problem, my heart is also put down.The next day early in the morning, the unit notified home office, we stay indoors the day officially began.As soon as New Year’s day is over, the Spring Festival is drawing near.At first, I was worried about how to celebrate the New Year under the control of Feng Shui, but gradually, an interesting change took place – everyone could not go out of the house, from what to eat every day to how to eat.Friends circle thus began a “cooking competition”.My daughter-in-law recently bought an air fryer. When she was at home, she fried bananas and golden steamed buns at first, and later she could cook crispy beef horns and taro pies.The tension of the epidemic seems to be gradually dispersed by fireworks, brush circle of friends every day, the inspiration of cooking the next day also had, and then communicate with each other, stay at home also have a unique fun.On January 25, most parts of Xi ‘an began to be unsealed. When I stepped out of the community, I remembered a popular saying in my circle of friends a month ago, “It seems like a dream to return to 2020”.It all happened so fast, so fast.This sudden outbreak has made our Spring Festival reunion all the more precious.Children tired of grandparents around, my parents saw their grandson, also smiled from ear to ear.Ordinary days, very good.As of 24:00 on February 2, a total of 468 confirmed cases had been reported in Anyang city, Henan Province, marking the end of the old year and the beginning of the New Year.On January 8, anyang reported confirmed cases of returning home, and buses were not as crowded as usual.At about 10 o ‘clock the next morning, the property management organization community residents collective nucleic acid test.In the evening, ambulance after ambulance rolled into our neighborhood.As I tossed and turned that night, I could clearly hear my heart beating with fear in the dark.Anyang Tangyin county outbreak mainly in schools, and is highly infectious omicron.Many of the isolated students are still primary school students. As a primary school teacher, I feel very distressed when I see their small heads sticking out of the isolated window.I watched the medical staff and volunteers go about their business in the bitter cold of winter, listened to the friendly cues in the thick isolation suits, and felt the love that filled this freezing season.All I can do is cooperate fully with them, be understanding, and not cause any trouble.This is a silent war, as long as you participate, you are a hero.For a long time, the whole city road without pedestrians, vehicles, a desolate, my hometown was pressed to suspend the key, approaching the Spring Festival, people are still as if facing the enemy, did not dare to relax.On January 22, wenfeng District had no new cases for several days, and we were informed that nucleic acid testing was no longer necessary.That morning, the earth was covered with thick snow, less long nucleic acid testing team, the world becomes more quiet, I finally see the hope of understanding seal.At the end of January, my community and road were downgraded to a low-risk area, but we are still advised to celebrate the Spring Festival locally.Part of the iron barricades were opened, because the buses did not resume operation, private cars were restricted to drive on odd and even license plates. The roads that used to be congested were still empty at this time. There was no market selling Spring Festival goods, and a few people in supermarkets were hurrying.On The eve of New Year’s Eve, the familiar radio voice came again, urging us not to visit, gather or go out as much as possible. We could only say “peace” to family and friends through mobile phone video.This Spring Festival is a special anti-epidemic year, with much less excitement and much regret.But the beginning of spring has come, the New Year, but look forward to vast mountains and seas, years of wind flat.On January 23, a novel coronavirus infection was confirmed in my community. The community was closed, and all people and vehicles could only enter or leave.This year, we can only spend at home.In the first few days, all the takeout and express delivery were delivered to the designated gate, and then they went downstairs to pick them up by themselves. The vegetable supply point in the community was bustling with people, and there was not much tension in the community except for going out.On the night of 28 January, lorries began to move in and out, and soon there was a knock on an iron fence.As you could see from upstairs, we were walled off from the next two buildings by an iron fence, separated from the small square not far away, and from the delivery point just below.Early the next morning, we were informed that the community property building had been quarantined due to a positive case.The community was also divided into 11 grids, and residents implemented the management mode of “staying in the grid”. Nucleic acid tests were conducted every day, and the atmosphere suddenly became tense.We have three buildings in this grid. How do we buy food?How do I get delivery?The property is quarantined. Who’s gonna take us over?There was a riot among the residents.But soon, volunteers showed up.First of all, we have a building director and a volunteer team, who are responsible for checking the situation of every household, arranging everyone to do nucleic acid layer by layer every day, helping everyone to pick up and send purchased materials to the grid, and ensuring the normal life of residents.On New Year’s Eve, we received a lot of free stuff — 60 eggs, a big bag of vegetables and meat.The vegetables and meat were so heavy that volunteers delivered them door to door. When they knocked on the door, they were greeted with a “Happy New Year”.At the moment of the epidemic, I feel warm in my heart.I have contacted the building manager, also want to be a volunteer, to do something to help, but the reply is: everyone is too enthusiastic, there are already many volunteers.Closed these days, the residents in the group in order, we understand each other, encourage each other, help each other.Children have a rash, home medicine neighbors, are sent in the group;If there are old people living alone in the house, they leave more supplies for them.The volunteers were very tired and were encouraged to go home early and get more rest.The volunteers who took a rest downstairs at noon in Beijing lived in a fast pace of life. During the rush hours in the morning and evening, they met people in a hurry. When the pace of life was broken by the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, they felt the mutual help and warmth of neighbors.We all hope that the epidemic will pass soon.We all believe that if we stick together, the epidemic will pass as soon as possible.The New Year must be a safe and happy New Year.Supervisor: PI Jun Final Review: Lin Yuhong Review: Chen Min liu Liu Blog editor: Song Zeyu Tamako