Since this year, the provident fund has undergone a “new adjustment”, which is equivalent to a disguised decline in housing prices, affecting people without houses

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There is no denying that from the beginning of this year, many people without houses are full of expectations. To sum up, there are two key points: 1. The increase of housing price slows down significantly.2. Housing prices in many cities have changed from “general rise” to “general decline”. Take the end of last year as an example, the number of cities with falling new house prices accounted for 70%, and the proportion of second-hand houses was as high as 90%.In addition, from the near period of time, the mortgage market also appeared “new adjustment”, including provident fund loans.First of all, in terms of commercial loans, according to the statistics of Baker Research Institute, in the monitoring of 103 cities as samples, the interest rate of the first home mortgage is 5.64%, and the interest rate of the second home mortgage is 5.91%, with a sequential decrease of 0.05%. Among them, the interest rate of the first home mortgage and the second home mortgage in Guangzhou both decreased by 20 basis points, and the interest rate of Chengdu and Qingdao also decreased by 15 basis points.It should also be noted that compared with the most tense mortgage loan, the loan time is as long as 4 to 6 months, and with the reduction of transaction volume, the bank limit increases, now the hot cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou loan cycle has been shortened to about 3 months.Experts suggest extending the loan time and reducing the down payment ratio, is it feasible?Earlier, experts suggested extending the loan period to 40 or even 80 years, and adjusting the down payment to 15 percent, in order to reduce the pressure on people who do not own a home.So the question is, how feasible is this proposal?Anhui province, for example, said in a recent circular that it would encourage lower down payments or provide subsidies.In addition, also somebody suggests, adjust accumulation fund loan standard, recognize a room from before recognize a room to become recognize a room, so what does this move mean?There is no doubt that provident fund loans are more attractive to ordinary people for two reasons: first, the loan ratio is low;Second, low interest rates.In fact, since this year, many cities have adjusted their provident fund loan policies, such as raising the loan limit and raising the maximum loan ratio. In fact, this is equivalent to a disguised decline in housing prices for people without houses.The reason is very simple, for example, Lao Wang wants to borrow 1 million yuan to buy a house, the loan time is 30 years.If you choose commercial loans, according to the interest rate of 5.64% for the first house, you need to pay back about 5766 yuan per month, while if you choose provident fund loans, the interest rate is only 3.25%, the monthly loan repayment amount can be reduced to 4352 yuan, that is to say, the loan repayment pressure can be reduced by more than 1000 yuan.In this regard, THE author believes that no matter extending the loan period or reducing the down payment ratio, it has no substantial impact on people without houses. The reason is very simple, because it is a palliative rather than a cure.First of all, extend the loan time, although can reduce the monthly payment, but at the same time will greatly increase the interest, for example, the same loan 1 million yuan, if the loan time is 30 years, then the total need to repay 1.07 million yuan of interest, if the loan time is extended to 40 years, the total interest will increase to 1.52 million yuan.Secondly, it is the same to reduce the down payment ratio, whether from 40% to 30% or 15%. Although it can help people without houses to buy houses as soon as possible, a lower down payment ratio means a higher loan ratio. For example, the loan interest rate is also 5.64%.If the loan amount is raised to 1.2 million yuan, it will cost about 1,153 yuan more to repay each month.To sum up, for people without houses, as provident fund loans usher in the “new adjustment”, both the increase of the loan amount and the increase of the loan proportion can reduce the monthly mortgage pressure.Want to know more exciting content, come to qiao Talk building city