Autonomous region soil fertilizer workstation to promote the region’s third soil census work

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Since The State Council issued the Notice on carrying out the Third National Soil census (Guofa (2022) No. 4), the soil and fertilizer stations of the Autonomous Region have attached great importance to it and acted quickly to advance the preliminary work of the third regional soil census (hereinafter referred to as the “three General”), making preparations for the comprehensive soil census.Verification and testing laboratory construction organization strong guarantee.At present, the autonomous region’s soil and fertilizer station has selected the elite force to set up a special work team, in accordance with the requirements of the relevant work plan of the national three general elections, immediately into the state of efficient operation, planning a number of “three general elections” preliminary work.A large number of materials have been drafted on the establishment of census institutions, the preparation of experts, the work plan of the district, the pilot plan and the technical regulations, among which the drafted notice on the third soil census has been submitted to the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region for examination and approval.According to the requirements of the Three general offices of The State Council, we quickly completed the screening of census laboratories, organized personnel to carry out on-site inspection of the 27 declared laboratories, and recommended 9 laboratories as testing laboratories and confirmed 2 laboratories as provincial quality control laboratories after expert review.Hold a symposium discussion planning a wide range of ideas.Autonomous region TuFeiZhan, guangxi academy of agricultural sciences’ information and ring, and guangxi academy of agricultural sciences, guangxi university, guangxi mine bureau, land surveying and mapping institute of guangxi, guangxi geological mining experts such as test research center leaders held a work conference for many times, workshops, investigation team of “3’s” institutions and expert technical team forming, database and sample library construction, process quality control,Collected experts’ opinions and suggestions on quality control, personnel training, mechanism establishment and survey scope, which laid a good foundation for opening the work pattern of “three general popularization”.Field research should be carried out.Shanglin County is the pilot county of the three general areas in our district. The soil and fertilizer station of the autonomous region has communicated with Shanglin County for many times and conducted field investigations, guided and urged Shanglin County to formulate pilot implementation plans, set up work agencies, plan the sampling layout as soon as possible, implement field investigation teams, and do a good job in the budget and other work.Soil is the most basic means of agricultural production and the most precious natural resources for human survival.China twice national soil survey, the first time in 1958, the second time in 1979, each time all fruitful, especially in guangxi, the second soil census results after 12 years, completed a comprehensive survey of soil in the district scope, found a total of seven soil in guangxi, 18, 109 soil genera and 327 species,Established a complete guangxi soil classification system, unprecedented achievements, in 1991 won the guangxi science and technology progress first prize.The results of the census are widely used in many fields and play an important role in serving agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry production.The second soil census has more than 40 years ago, “two” and existing relevant data can’t reflect the current cultivated land quality of live, to implement the strategy of storing grain to the ground, and keep the cultivated land quality red line, improving the quality of cultivated land, to find out the soil quality present situation, the implementation of soil “comprehensive check-up”, provide the important reference basis for ensuring food security strategy.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: