Common problems encountered by Canadian international students

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Regarding the school education system, first of all, you must master the environment of the local government’s financial investment in education in Canada.We all know that the Canadian government attaches great importance to the investment in cultural and educational projects, which is recognized internationally.This is also confirmed by data and information: according to the statistical analysis of OECD, the proportion of investment in culture and education in Canada accounts for 7.1% of GDP, far exceeding the average proportion of 6.1% in other OECD member countries.This standard of educational financing is applied to Canadian colleges and universities to ensure that students receive the best gifts at school.Why is the education system different in each province?It is true that the education systems of Canada and the Commonwealth countries are different.Canada is part of the North American educational system, and I can give you an example of the key differences:The junior high school certificate in BC is the Dogwood Diploma, while the junior high school certificate in Ontario, another popular region, is the Ontario Senior High School Certificate (OSSD), which is four years (9-12 classes).The rules for graduating from middle school vary dramatically.Because Canada does not have the federal government national Ministry of Education or similar education and training institutions, so there is no unified education system throughout the country. The teaching of each province is undertaken by the departments of each provincial government, and the national Ministry of Education is set up to undertake the basic education of our province.It is divided into five key links: preschool education (optional), preschool education, junior middle school education, higher education and postgraduate cultural education. Undergraduate and postgraduate cultural education is also known as higher vocational education.It is said that Canada is highly recognized, why the school ranking is not high?This problem is very many college graduate students parents are very concerned about.When choosing a school, school rankings are a reference level, but not the whole story.Canada has been ranked number one in the world in education quality by US News & World Report.This also confirms the recognition of Canadian schools.McCaughlin monthly is the most professional university ranking in Canada, which is the most important reference for Canadian students. Canadian schools are divided into three categories: medical doctoral, comprehensive and basic, which need to be selected according to their own standards.There are also QS, THE, ARWU, USNEWS, THE world’s four major rankings can also be used as a reference, THE key to THE Commonwealth of Nations or THE UK rankings.However, there is no doubt that ranking is not a comprehensive measure of Canadian schools. For example, The University of Waterloo, which is very serious in mathematics in Canada, often lowers its head to study hard and does not participate in these various rankings.Euclid mathematical Olympiad which is also held at the University of Waterloo, can you say it’s not very good?The Ivey International Business School in Western Ontario, for example, is also crucial in the world.The overall strength of the school’s research is critical, but it’s not really good for students who don’t do science. The smaller basic schools are dedicated to higher education, and some job opportunities are very high.Proposal selects school by opportunity of technical major, novitiate this kind, need not graph famous brand university halo only, want to choose appropriate oneself, also can acme university graduates in that way.Does all Canadian schools have double admission?This is also for undergraduate and graduate students, many students do not get language expression, they want to go to Canada to read some language expression course content, but, Canada does not pre-admission and with language expression.The term “direct admission” refers to the acceptance of the school after submitting the application with the required test scores, IELTS, or TOEFL.”Dual enrollment” is established only in some schools, not in all schools.This is also for the students who fail to pass the language expression test, the university sends out the offer of language expression of technical major, namely two offers, and they do not need to take ielts and TOEFL anymore. If they pass the language expression test, they can transfer to the regular course.There is also a little different from what everyone thinks, “double enrollment” is not equal to no entrance barrier, whether there is double enrollment depends on the school, there are some fiercely competitive schools or technical majors, there is no double enrollment, UBC as famous university is not easy to double enrollment.Are there any preparatory courses in Canada?Can junior high school graduate read ripe university prep to enter university undergraduate course again?Many parents who graduate from junior high school consult university preparatory courses. Commonwealth countries have established university preparatory courses, which belong to a bridging course from ordinary senior high school to higher education.Canada is actually the curriculum content of 12 classes of senior three, you can choose the curriculum content of some schools, and after learning it well, you can obtain the Canadian high school graduation certificate, but most of them are set up by some private schools (because Canadian public schools do not accept the protection of senior three students).Does Canada ordinary high school choose public or run by the people?If the child reads a year before only 3, so public school need not consider, public is not to accept the student that writes to protect a year, public regulation is 18 years old should see common high school, natural run by the local people school did not have this one to tell.Choose run by the local people to also have distinction is price, run by the local people school groom cost relative run by the local people school wants price some more expensive.The management method of private school is more all-round daily life, while that of public school is managed by host family.Public schools key to local living as the dominant, if the child is young, there is no doubt that public schools are better choice of language expression, private schools are more countries in the world, you can see which one is more appropriate in the home and children.How about a two-year work visa in Canada?After graduation, there are three years of work visa in Canada. Most of them are one-year work visa after 8-15 months, and all of them are three-year work visa after 16 months.The work visa depends on the time given by the Civil Affairs Bureau. If you have a work visa and can work reasonably and legally, you can apply for immigration investment after working for one year.There is no doubt that the current policy is good news for international students who want to stay in Canada.In addition to CEC’s current policies, provinces and cities in Canada also have different current policies for overseas study and immigration, and each region has its own immigration methods for Hong Kong.Is it especially cold in Canada?There is also the last problem that most people care about, Canada is very large, the winter temperature of the three regions in the north is very low, but it is not easy for students to go.The major cities that students generally choose are all 10 provincial governments, with BC and Ontario leading the way.Canada’s ten provinces are not particularly cold in winter, so there is no need to worry about “freezing into dogs”.In addition, international students in Canada to go to any place school, dormitory, large shopping malls, transport tools are very adequate heating equipment.To learn more