Ganan County anzi town cow breeding model promotion meeting

2022-06-02 0 By

In order to accelerate the development of beef cattle industry, we will promote the implementation of the “straw to meat” and the construction project of ten million beef cattle, so as to increase farmers’ income and promote rural revitalization.Recently, gan ‘an county town and Changchun city open agricultural group to carry out cow breeding model promotion meeting.Pitch, the relevant person in charge of changchun city agricultural group open and carried on the thorough discussion, the broad masses of farmers around the importance of beef cattle breeding, advantage and future development trend and in-depth exchanges, and funding of the cow breeding patterns related services, loan policy, technical training and guidance to explain in detail, such as content to intend to aquaculture farmers reading relevant policies.Animal husbandry has always been a traditional industry in Anzi Town.Always put the development of animal husbandry in recent years, the word Ann town big town as the main line, the work in the town as the main way to lead the farmers get rich, the province to implement the straw meat “and ten million head of cattle for construction project since the launch, the whole town positive response, with all its strength, and also made great development, let Ann town beef cattle real word” red “, “cow”.Final review: Liu Lihui mu Jiankun editor: Lin Wenqiu Hou Yanyu editor: Liu Xinyue text: Ren Qun