The Laoshan Court is in action to help prevent and control the epidemic

2022-06-02 0 By

The most is the wind and rain to see the original mind, the most is the crisis show responsibility.Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.In the face of the new round of COVID-19, the Laoshan District People’s Court of Qingdao city responded quickly and went all out to fight the epidemic.At the first call, a commando team of party members was quickly assembled and formed to give full play to the role of a fighting fortress.Police rushed to sign up and take an active part in the epidemic prevention and control work.In less than an hour, 30 officers assembled.At 5:30 in the morning, the police went to each nucleic acid testing site, actively assisted the staff of the testing site to post signs, check the health code and travel code of the people to be tested, take their temperature, verify registration information, and guide everyone to queue up in an orderly manner, providing warm services for the masses, reflecting the responsibility of the police of the people’s court.It is a warm and cold day in Qingdao in March, but the “volunteer red” dancing in the crowd makes people feel warm.The police’s careful and meticulous work has been recognized and supported by the masses.Since 2021, Laoshan Court has successively assigned 10 police officers to form several teams to fight the epidemic prevention and control in airports, railway stations, isolation points, command centers and other fronts.Although the jobs are different, we all have the same goal and common expectation, that is, work together to defeat the epidemic!Four police officers were sent to the centralized quarantine point to assist in the preparation and reception of the quarantine point.Some policemen were sent to carry out tasks in other places and returned to Qingdao after completing their tasks. As soon as they returned to work after three days of home quarantine, they were informed to participate in epidemic prevention and control again. Without hesitation, they turned around and threw themselves into the battle of epidemic prevention and control.It is my responsibility to take part in the epidemic prevention and quarantine transfer of key personnel in airports and railway stations to tide over difficulties together.Laoshan Court has always fulfilled its social responsibility, obeyed the command and led the way, and built a tight network of epidemic prevention and control with its responsibility and responsibility, and helped the battle against the epidemic with practical actions.