Who is the advocate of new yuefu

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The New Yuefu movement is a poetry reform and innovation movement, and its main advocates are Yuan Zhen and Bai Juyi, who are collectively called “Yuan Bai”.It was an organization set up in the Western Han Dynasty, whose task was to collect and compile folk music, organize, adapt and create music, sing and perform, etc. Later, people called this kind of poetry with music as yuefu.Li Shen first creation “new music house” twenty, Yuan Zhen wrote and poem twelve, Bai Juyi creation “new music house” fifty, formal standard “new music house” name.Zhang Ji and Wang Jianye created many new Yuefu poems, which formed the new Yuefu movement with great influence.Bai Juyi divided his poems into four categories: one is ironic poetry, the other is leisure poetry, the third is sentimental poetry and the fourth is miscellaneous poetry.Taking Bai Juyi’s demotion to Jiangzhou sima at the age of 44 as the dividing line, the two periods are divided. In the early period, he wrote a large number of satirical oracular poems, while in the later period, he became depressed and “stayed aloof”, writing a large number of leisure poems and sentimental poems.Among them, Bai Juyi paid the most attention to ironic oracular poetry.