I am 41 years old with winter Olympics cross-sport skiing, “China’s first marathon” has an Olympic dream

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If the paper reporter Chen Jun uses a word to describe Chen Penbin, the most easy to think of is “challenge”.In his journey against physical limits and nature, this Chinese man has shocked the world many times in the past — he was the first Chinese to appear on the American “Outdoor” magazine, the first Chinese to win the international extreme marathon championship, and the first runner to complete the “Seven Continents Extreme Marathon Grand Slam” in the world.But before the Beijing Winter Olympics, Chen, who is used to wow people, made another surprise move — switching from his familiar marathon course to cross-country skiing.Even though the story doesn’t seem to have a perfect ending and Chen didn’t make it to the Beijing Olympics, listening to this man’s inner monologue will convince you that the power of ice and snow sports is not just about standing on the podium at that moment.Chen Has broken the monopoly of European and American competitors in cross-country.October 18, 2018, was the day Chen Penbin registered for China’s cross-country skiing training team. He was 41 years old at the time.As a native southerner, he had seldom seen snow, let alone skiing.What did Chen take for granted when he suddenly decided to try cross-country skiing, arguably the toughest of all ice sports?Recalling such a “cross-sport” choice, Chen Penbin has a strong sense of responsibility in addition to the blood flowing in his body to challenge the limit.”At that time, the leadership approached me and asked me to join the training team. I also wanted to contribute to the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Chen Penbin told the paper news reporter.Almost no hesitation, Chen Penbin made up his mind, the first time he also searched the Internet related knowledge, but really came to the training team, Chen Penbin or felt the past has not had the struggle.Chen Penbin learned to ski.”Cross-country skiing requires a lot of technology, equipment and natural environment. Although it is a test of endurance, the problems I face are much more complicated than running alone.”Chen, who doesn’t have much skiing experience, learned to ski from falling. “At first, I couldn’t stand steadily, and I fell dozens of times a day,” he said.In order to prevent injury, Chen Penbin prepared knee pads and other protective equipment, but the body is broken skin, bleeding is common, can do as little wrestling, wrestling, has been half a year later.During this period, for skiing zero foundation Chen Penbin paid ordinary people unimaginable hardships.I started training before 7 am and worked until 5 PM every day. In the evening, I had to do physical training and stretching in the gym…Saturday afternoon and Sunday are the rest days arranged by the team, but as the oldest athlete in the training team, Chen often practices alone. Whenever he has spare time, he will try to figure out the details of his movements by himself through the video after hard training…After training hard, Chen has been able to complete the longest distance in cross-country skiing, 50 kilometers.Chen continued training for two years.Because of cross-sport selection, many cross-sport athletes like Chen Penbin came to the training team, some people practice for two days because they are not suitable to leave the team, and some insist on a few months or have to give up, these Chen Penbin see in the eye.”During that time, there were always new players on the team, and everyone wanted to participate in the Winter Olympics on their doorstep, but people were coming in and out, and they were always weeding out, just to get the best of the best.”Chen Penbin has a sense of crisis, this sense of crisis prompted him to die in his own force, but the age and technical reasons or let Chen Penbin some force have no heart.On February 10, 2020, Chen Penbin ended his days in the training team. Even though nearly two years have passed, Chen penbin still clearly remembered the specific date when he joined the training team and left. In his opinion, this is a precious memory.”Hard, fight, everything is worth it.”Chen penbin doesn’t have many regrets. “If I’m not good enough to compete in the Winter Olympics, I will lose not only Chen’s face, but also the face of the Chinese people,” he repeated to reporters from Thepaper.cn.”I will watch my teammates’ performances on TV and cheer for them during the Beijing Winter Olympics,” the Zhejiang native told Thepaper.cn.The next generation has loved snow and ice for more than a year and a half, but Chen has no regrets about not competing in the Winter Olympics. Just like in the past, Chen has never cared about results only.”You see, I’m a 40-something southerner with no foundation, and NOW I’m able to complete the challenge of cross-country skiing, which proves that with scientific training everyone can participate in snow sports well…””In the past, snow and ice sports were mainly confined to the three northeastern provinces in China, but now they are being carried out all over the country.”In the past, China didn’t do well in ice and snow sports because the population was small. Now 300 million people are on ice and snow.”Chen penbin is deeply touched, in his hometown of Zhejiang has opened a lot of ski resorts, and some of the popular ski resorts are booming business.”When I took my children skiing in Beijing, I had to wait in line and make an appointment.”Chen Penbin’s daughter Chen Wenxi is not yet 5 years old, has been recommended by his father to join the ranks of skiing, let Chen Penbin is particularly pleased that the next generation has fallen in love with skiing.”I remember when my daughter skied 200 meters on her first run without falling, I was really surprised. Children are flexible and learn quickly.I was going to make some videos of her, and the first time I didn’t think she could do it, I wasn’t ready, and the second time I was ready, she fell in the middle…”Chen penbin smiled happily. This self-challenged man joined the Chinese cross-country skiing training team in the hope of inspiring more people. Through his family, his children and millions of Chinese families, such a change has brought the snow and ice sports in China into the sun.Take off Take off Shi Yun