Time and tide wait for no man, seize the day!We worked hard to promote high-quality economic development

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On my first day after the Spring Festival, changping district party committee immediately expand financial committee meeting, main purpose is to deploy the whole economic work this year for traction, to mobilize all the further coagulation hearts meet force, going all out, quickly into the tense and orderly work, vigor to promote various tasks fall to the ground work, efforts to keep the economy running smoothly and the social stability.At last year’s Central Economic Work Conference, for the first time in many years, the central theme of “economic development as the central task” was reiterated, calling on “the whole Party to concentrate on its implementation”, sending out a clear signal of focusing on high-quality economic development.The Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government clearly required that when downward pressure on the economy was high, it was more important to unswervingly implement the new development concept, build an “advanced, sophisticated” economic structure, and keep the economy operating within a reasonable range.We will spare no effort to do a good job in economic work and promote steady, sound and sustainable economic development in accordance with the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, the CPC Central Committee and the Municipal government.Look from changping, we should be soberly aware of a few factors that affect economic growth.For example, the spread of the global epidemic and the rise in commodity prices have impacted the supply chains of some large enterprises in the region, the spread of the epidemic has restricted the recovery of consumption to a certain extent, and the homogeneity of leading industries among regions has led to increasingly fierce competition. Pursuing development is like rowing against the current and failing to advance means falling back.At the same time, the conditions of changping’s development are very good.For example, we have geographical advantages, wind and water, beautiful ecological environment, rich history and culture, and convenient transportation.We have demographic dividend. The total population ranks the third in the city, and the population is of high quality and relatively young, which is conducive to attracting enterprises to settle in.In particular, we are speeding up the construction of the “Four zones” and are at a critical stage of leap-forward development.All in all, this requires us to have a sense of urgency, to work fast, to be the first to compete for excellence, and to be the pacesetter and main force in high-quality development.We need to make progress while maintaining stability and, on the basis of ensuring stability, pay greater attention to making progress. We need to keep the fundamentals of economic performance stable and, more importantly, promote changes in the quality, efficiency and driving force of economic growth to ensure high-quality development.To promote high-quality economic development, the key is to remain innovation-driven, make the future science city bigger and stronger, further promote the development of the two zones, accelerate the development of the digital economy, and raise the level of advanced, sophisticated and sophisticated industries in all respects.In the work, according to the plan of the enlarged meeting of the Finance and Economy Committee of the District Committee, we should focus on the construction, space expansion, financial guarantee and policy implementation of the Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center, continuously optimize the regional development environment, and constantly enhance the endogenous power and vitality of development.At the same time, we also need to recognize that the tasks of reform, development and stability are arduous and onerous. We need to pay more attention to overall planning, highlight the systemic, overarching, and interconnected nature of our economic work, and work in all fields and sectors in a coordinated manner while doing a good job in economic work so as to create an enabling environment for economic development.La see spring back, the New Year wins the old.Let us in a more high-spirited state, more excellent style into the economic work, strive to promote high-quality economic development, drive and lead the district to a new level of undertakings, with excellent results to meet the party’s 20th victory.Source: Beijing Changping wechat official account