“1+12+145” three-level network rights protection!Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions protects the legitimate rights and interests of rural migrant workers

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On February 15, Qingdao human resources and social security work conference was held, among which, Qingdao Federation of trade unions made a typical experience exchange speech.”Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions attaches great importance to the work of eradicating wage arrears of migrant workers, has set up a special leading group, and has taken safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers as the focus of the current work of the trade union and listed it on an important agenda.”Qingdao city federation of trade unions rights security minister Yu Changming introduces, in recent years, Qingdao city federation of trade unions in Qingdao radical work leading group office under the leadership of wage arrears for migrant rural workers, firmly establish a “public interests without little things” concept, constantly perfect union migrant workers legal service system, innovation methods, as actively, more measures and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers.Strengthen the position of safeguarding rights and maintaining stability, weave and close the “protection network” of safeguarding rights and strengthen the hardware construction.Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions has set up a municipal workers’ legal service center, with multiple functional rooms such as reception room, mediation room and linkage office, to strengthen the legal entity position of trade unions.In conjunction with municipal and district human resources and social security departments, a collaborative integrated arbitration union was established to send workers to court to meet the demands of nearby arbitration.At present, the city has built 1 municipal-level service center, 12 district-level service agencies, 145 town-level service stations, and built a three-level network of “1+12+145” pattern.Strengthen team building.By purchasing services, the labor Union introduces professional lawyers and social workers to handle the daily work of the legal service center. The director of the legal service Center is a division level cadre of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, and there are 9 full-time staff.The city has established a “131” trade union complaint and rights protection team, consisting of 100 trade union legal cadres, 300 rights protection lawyers and grassroots legal service workers, 1,000 labor dispute mediators, legal volunteers and enterprise trade union cadres.We strengthened the law-based construction of safeguarding our rights and provided more services to resolve conflicts and disputes through “horizontal linkage”.Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions strengthened coordination and linkage with human resources and social security, judicial, court and other departments to jointly resolve complaints and visits.Set up legal aid posts for trade unions, hire professional lawyers on duty to provide aid services for workers;Establish employee legal service groups with judicial departments, and build legal service stations for town and street workers;Since 2021, the city’s trade unions at all levels have accepted more than 1,400 labor cases entrusted by the court for mediation, with 452 cases successfully mediated, the success rate of litigation mediation reaching 32.3 percent, effectively resolving potential conflicts.We will work to eliminate potential problems through vertical alignment.We will continue to strengthen the supervision of district and municipal direct trade unions to consolidate the foundation for safeguarding the rights of trade unions and maintaining stability.In view of the hot and difficult problems of the trade unions and key enterprises directly affiliated to the city, we provided timely business guidance, studied and analyzed cases, supervised the progress of case handling, and helped trade unions at all levels to improve the case handling rate.Strengthen the platform information construction, and expand the channels of letters and visits to build “intelligent rights protection” platform.Relying on the “qilu workers” APP, complete “wisdom rights protection platform construction, the platform have putted forward, legal consultation and aid application and so on five big modules, among them, the” case “has been carefully compiled more than 700 labor dispute cases, typical union members can be retrieved at any time according to oneself circumstance to see, through the technology of intelligent master worker potential legal requirements,Realize labor dispute early warning, advance intervention when necessary.Strengthen the informatization construction of legal service center.A smart application platform for employee legal rights protection services and file management has been built, integrating 12351 employee hotline, 12345 government affairs hotline, legal consultation, visit disposal and other service modules into one, and convenient service facilities such as “touch all-in-one machine” have been set up to meet the consultation needs of petitioners.Relying on the 12351 employee hotline platform of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, the two levels of trade unions at the district and city levels have realized the online interaction of letters and visits, standardized the business process of online acceptance and offline handling, and effectively resolved labor disputes.Strengthen the construction of pre-entry, take the initiative to protect rights and promote the harmonious establishment of a two-way linkage mechanism for protecting the rights of workers.It has worked with human resources and social security departments to establish a two-way linkage mechanism for protecting the rights of workers, conducting pre-case mediation and consultation and assisting in the investigation of rights protection cases.Since the establishment of the mechanism, 80 trade union rights protection Proposals have been pushed to labor supervision departments, 1,282 mediation cases transferred by labor supervision departments have been accepted, and 692 mediation cases have been successful, with a success rate of 54%.We will implement targeted labor legal supervision.We found supervision clues in cases of litigation and mediation, letters and visits, and legal aid, and promptly discovered unstable factors in labor relations. We carried out targeted labor legal supervision over enterprises with risks and hidden dangers, and carried out targeted labor legal supervision over 40 times in total, thus ensuring harmonious and stable labor relations.Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions will further consolidate the foundation, increase investment, continue to innovate, effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers, and strive to make contributions to the city’s radical treatment of wage arrears for migrant workers.(Dazhong Daily client reporter Bo Keguo report)