From the beginning of “Cover the Sky”, Chen Dong’s novels in the heart of the review constantly canonized god

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Hello, everyone, click attention, away from the book shortage, I push book sauce water color cold no trace.Feel a lot of excellent net article god, most of them are excellent in the end of the works, serialized works are not scolded by readers very little.It seems that the more powerful the star is, the worse he gets when he serializes it.Chendong is one of the first.Let’s start with Beyond Deep Space.This novel can be said to be another tour de force after the failure of the Holy Ruins.Many readers may be wary of “Beyond Deep Space” because “The Holy Ruins” ended nowhere.But maybe Chendong doesn’t see it that way.He thought more about how to write the existing novel well.If you care too much about your past work, why not finish it well?Let’s just say that “The Ruins” is not worth continuing, and the new book will keep him going.The reviews for Beyond The Sky were good at first, but as the show unfolded, a series of jokes poured in.This is the normal state of web writing, for the author, a lot of times may not be too concerned about.After all, it’s hard to please everyone. Just write your own outline.If not have such concentration, Chen East also cannot be in numerous net article author early ground came to the fore.However, the author’s mentality does not represent the readers, many readers will still watch while scolding.This is a little weird.Feel not good-looking do not look good, why still watch while scold?You know, from the beginning of “Cover the Sky”, Chen Dong’s novels have been in the heart of the review of god, until now.Moreover, when “Cover the Sky” was serialized at that time, there was no such achievement as “The other side of deep Space”, and it was scolded from beginning to end.But now is not regarded as a god of enduring, more even “cover the sky” after no more Chen East “.Since “Cover the sky” after no Chendong, why chendong’s popularity is still hot?Why is Deep Space Beyond still on the list?So this argument is a gimmick, is a slogan to promote Chendong.Also therefore, Chen East is still that shot is king fried top flow god.Some people say that “Beyond Deep Space” has become a little white, getting whiter and whiter.So can only say, you say right, Chen East is “Central Plains five white” now row noodles.Take a look at the others, who else like Chen Dong every day, or midnight updates?Potatoes have become a day, only two thousand words.So if “Beyond Deep Space” continues to receive stinging reviews, don’t assume it’s a bad novel.This is because the novel may surpass The sky.What do you think about that?