Official chasing the player butt plug skin!Life and Death Sniper 2 Years of the Tiger limited skin completely white to give!

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What FPS player doesn’t like the thrill of a K-head?I believe everyone players understand, in the game through the head extermination of the enemy, and through the body extermination of the enemy can bring the cool feeling, is different!High-end hunters often can kill a single shot, a bullet to destroy an enemy, that is the master!Also, in most games, the reward for the king is different from the reward for hitting the body, and players tend to aim for the small head in order to score high.However, k-head is cool, but not simple.On a computer screen, the head of an enemy in the distance might be a few pixels in size, and it takes a lot of skill to hit it accurately.In order to meet the majority of players k head desire, life and Death sniper 2 specifically the original work of the big head mode transplanted to the second generation of the game.The “Big Head” mode, as the name implies, means that the player’s head is as big as a winter melon, which makes it really easy to miss the head.If you really can’t hit the enemy, there is no need to deliberately pursue anything.Real hand shaking such as chaff players, in the process of combat might as well try to give the mutilated blood teammates to a few shots, will be better than their own dry pull out being shot in the head.You can contribute to the team and still find a place for yourself.That way, if your teammates criticize you, you can just say I’m a battlefield medic, and if you don’t have my milk, you might just send it.Previously, during the Chinese New Year, the official release of the year of the Tiger limited skin, some players for a variety of reasons did not get the skin, now, this set of skin again, still white!From February 13 to 14, it will be available at login.White whoring activity skin is a beautiful thing ah, like this kind of mode of friends do not miss oh.