Political white when the President of Ukraine, debut is the peak, actor Zelensky’s counterattack life

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In 2015, a Ukrainian TV series called Servants of the People came out of the blue.Vasha, the main character, is an ordinary Ukrainian teacher with no background and ordinary life.His life should have been as plain as water, but because of a private joke and become bizarre twists and turns.Vasha taught history at school, an underappreciated subject, so it was like a head start.Mr. Vasha was so displeased that, in private chats with colleagues, he lambasted the politicians in sharp terms.Originally this kind of private ridicule is nothing, nothing more than a working vent way.However, as luck would have it, vasha’s performance was captured on camera by a fellow student and posted online.And so Vasha got hot.Later, with the enthusiasm of “Teacher Geng Straight”, Vasha ran for the national election and was successfully elected president.In this way, Vasha’s transition from teacher to president turned his life upside down.For example, once those who looked down on him, attitude has undergone a 180 degree u-turn, just like a foreign version of “Fan Jin zhong ju”.And a teacher with no political experience, but one step to the top of the political profession.So, around the new President Vasha, a farce one after another……”People’s Servants” this drama, novel idea, bold subject matter, in the ironic at the same time, but also full of all kinds of satire against the reality.Once it was released in Ukraine, it caused a great response and became a phenomenon of the year.Interestingly, the actor who played vasha, the main character in the drama, ran for election in Ukraine in 2019 after he was cast in Public Servants.He successfully won an election and went from actor to president.In other words, the current president of Ukraine, because he used to play the president of Ukraine, defeated the former President of Ukraine in the presidential election of Ukraine, and was eventually elected president of Ukraine.The actor president of Ukraine is Vladimir Zelensky, the same name as Vladimir Putin.Mr Zelensky came from a good family — his father was a university professor and his mother an engineer — which certainly gave him a good start.I can’t. The genes and the environment are there.But zelensky’s high-knowledge family didn’t do much to help him run for president.Because Zelensky did not go on to become an intellectual with a promising career, as most of the second generation of scholars did.Instead, he chose a career far from politics — acting.Zelensky loved acting, especially comedy.In his opinion, comedy can bring people happiness, and this is undoubtedly a very meaningful thing.In 1997, when he was still in college, Zelensky formed a group called Kvartal 95 with his friends and started acting in earnest.After debut, Zelensky developed quite well.For example, in terms of personal development, Zelensky has been deeply rooted in the comedy industry, appearing in many comedy shows and TV series.After more than a decade of gaining popularity, Zelensky has become a well-known actor in Ukraine.The fire of “People’s Servant” made Zelensky’s popularity soar, and he became one of the most influential actors in Ukraine, known as “the national comedian of Ukraine”.And in the team management, Zerlianski is known as “Kyiv Guo Degang”.First, he led his group to win a local comedy competition and set up a studio to corporatize the group.In 2003, the film company Kvartal 95 was established and Zelensky became the boss.Today, Kvartal 95 has grown into a vast business empire, with a presence in Ukraine and throughout Eastern Europe. It is known as Ukraine’s “smile factory.”The aforementioned Public Servant was actually produced by Kvartal 95.So Zelensky is not only a great actor, but also a successful businessman.Perhaps it was the success of his career that inspired Zelensky to cross boundaries.In January 2019, everyone was looking forward to Zelensky and the third season of his Show “The People’s Servant.”But instead of a new show, there was an even bigger surprise.Zelensky publicly announced his intention to run for president, giving everyone a straight up show.When ukrainians first heard the news, they dismissed it as a publicity stunt by Zelensky, who was about to air his new show.And there is no party behind Mr Zelensky. The so-called “people’s Servants” party, which Mr Zelensky has shaken up his own company, does not look like a serious presidential candidate.By the time The third season of “Public Servant” is over, zelensky’s campaign farce will have lost its meaning.But, to everyone’s surprise, by the time servant’s third season ended in March, Zelensky was still on the presidential ticket and riding high, leading the race with around 25 percent of the vote.Only then did many realize that Mr. Vasha was playing for real this time.On April 30, 2019, Zelensky was elected president of Ukraine, defeating 38 candidates, including former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and current President Petro Poroshenko.It is said that drama comes from life, so others are writing a script of reality, but Zelensky is turning the script into reality.After watching the third season of “People’s Servant”, I watched the fourth season directly on the news network.For us audiences, such a script is undoubtedly quite exciting.Of course, the role of an actor as president is nothing new.For example, Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, was a serious actor.Before becoming president, Reagan was a Hollywood movie actor, appearing in more than 50 films.Reagan did a good job as president of the United States.But you have to know that Reagan, although an actor, was not a political novice, he had a lot of political experience.In college, for example, Reagan was a serious economics and sociology major.Later in Hollywood as an actor, Reagan is also a long term in the union, has rich experience in organizing work.Crucially, Reagan had been governor of California for more than a decade before he was elected president, an unquestionable political elder statesman.Zelensky, like Vasha in the TV series, is a complete political novice with no political experience.Mr. Zelensky, the face of Ukraine’s show business, had a long career before becoming president and had little contact with politics, not even a record of running for office.Even in “Servants of the People,” Zelensky was just playing the president.But who would have thought that he would become the real president by acting out the best fake act in history?It must be said that the hearts of the Ukrainian people are really big enough to trust the country to a novice with no political experience.In any other country, this would be almost impossible.It is hard to believe that a politician like Zelensky, who has no work experience and no track record to back him up, is right.Perhaps Zelensky is a natural politician with great political skills to do the job well.That also requires concrete achievements to show, such as Reagan, as a dozen years as governor, with a certain foundation.Otherwise, who knows what you can do?After all, running a company as an actor is not the same as running a country as a president. It does not mean that a good actor can become a good president.It’s like being a table tennis coach who is suddenly called in to lead the team to play football.Just because he can teach table tennis well doesn’t mean he can do well in football.As a matter of fact, ordinary Ukrainians know this too.After all, running a country is not a child’s play.The position of president is related to the rise and fall of the country, the future of the nation, always returned to a professional person to sit.Looking at many of zelensky’s rivals at the time, many were more professional than Zelensky.Mr Poroshenko, for example, who ran against Mr Zelensky in the run-off, is a strong man on paper.Above all, Mr Poroshenko is a well-known figure in Ukrainian politics, having served a term as president.Second, Poroshenko is rich, known as Europe’s “chocolate King”, is a well-known oligarch in Ukraine.It is clear that Mr Poroshenko has crushed Mr Zelensky in Ukraine, both in popularity and wealth.In the final election, however, Mr Poroshenko lost badly to Mr Zelensky.In the final election, Zelensky won 73.7 percent of the vote, while poroshenko, the then president of Ukraine, only won 26.3 percent, less than half of Zelensky.It was clear that public sentiment was on Zelensky’s side.Of course, it’s not how good Zelensky is, it’s the rival Tai CAI.It is well known that Ukraine has long been one of Europe’s most notorious poor countries.The years of Mr Poroshenko’s rule, in particular, have been particularly difficult.Economically, Ukraine’s domestic economy is depressed and people’s livelihood is miserable. Its per capita GDP is always at the bottom of Europe, and many people even have trouble getting enough food and clothing.In order to make a living, many Ukrainian men have to choose to go abroad to work and stray.Many Ukrainian women sell their bodies, working in the sex trade and surrogacy.Ukraine has become one of Europe’s best-known red-light districts and surrogacy factories.Internationally, Ukraine is also under a lot of pressure.Sandwiched between Russia and NATO, Ukraine has inevitably become a chessboard of great power games, with the constant threat of war.For the Ukrainian people, enough is enough, and they need a change.They would rather choose a political newcomer with no political experience than see an old statesman return to power.There is a glimmer of possibility for change, thanks to new people and a fresh atmosphere.For the old statesmen, it was the same old formula in a new bottle, and the same disappointment.More Ukrainians chose Mr. Zelensky over Mr. Poroshenko because of such a simple and immediate need.Many even disliked or disliked Mr Zelensky, but voted for him because they did not want to see Mr Poroshenko re-elected.In their view, Ukraine has bottomed out in Mr Poroshenko’s hands.This time whoever comes to power is unlikely to make things worse, at best business as usual.That being the case, it makes more sense to choose a “Vasha sensei” who looks less obnoxious, and may even make people laugh, than to choose Mr. Poroshenko.In other words, since no one can promise a better future for Ukraine, no one can say that comedians will make things worse.Why not zelensky?It was as if Mr Poroshenko had been condemned to death in two beds in the same hospital room.Zelensky, however, is not there yet, and there is some hope.So Zelensky was lucky. His rise to power was based entirely on his peers, and on ukrainians’ disappointment with Poroshenko.After all, During zelensky’s campaign, poroshenko lost even when zelensky failed to articulate a specific strategy or policy.As Zelensky said in a presidential debate: “I am the inevitable result of your mistakes.”In popular terms, “choose the lesser of two evils”.As for zelensky’s own abilities, that’s not really true.He may be a good actor and a successful businessman, but he is by no means a good politician.At least from the time he started running for president, to his election, to today, when Ukraine is in his hands, things have not gotten much better.People’s lives are still poor, corruption is still rampant, wars are still burning, wombs are still for sale…There is no way out. Ukraine is such a mess. There are too many problems to solve.In particular, the oligarchic domestic economy and the geopolitical dilemma of being sandwiched between Europe and Russia cannot be solved by a different president.That is especially hard for a president with no political experience or foundation, such as Mr Zelensky.Of course, all this comes later.As far as Zelensky is concerned, he has done enough.From national actor to head of state, Zelensky has achieved what many would never dream of.What’s more, he’s so young.Zelensky was still in his early 40s when he was elected president in 1978.That alone is enough to put his name in history.To tell you the truth, I envy such a life.