Science and technology to help epidemic prevention Suzhou city high speed online vehicle interception early warning system

2022-06-04 0 By

The highway is the first checkpoint of “external input prevention”.In order to effectively ease the pressure of epidemic prevention and control, according to the requirements of the Network center, the early warning system for vehicle interception in medium and high-risk areas has been officially launched at 40 toll stations of suzhou expressway since March 28.Relying on big data analysis, the system can automatically identify the passing paths of vehicles, and give early warning to vehicles traveling in medium-high risk areas through the real-time pop-up function, which has become another important measure to implement precise control requirements at expressway inspection points.As of 12 noon on April 1, suzhou expressway toll stations have successfully intercepted more than 13,000 vehicles in medium-high risk areas through the vehicle interception system.Vehicle intercepts warning system through the analysis of vehicle routing information and toll station system of the export of large data matching, when the vehicle toll station exit, early warning system will capture the current vehicle high-speed entrance and license plate belongs to information, for 14 days in key areas of vehicles and key areas of license plate, criterion to distinguish automatically, realize real-time remind function.When vehicles from key areas pass through the exit lane, the exit charging terminal will send a warning message to remind the staff of epidemic prevention and interception.At the same time, in order to further improve the efficiency of on-site inspection work, part of the larger per truck toll will according to the inspection site, registered in the entry of information at the same time, the truck message written on post-it notes and stick in the truck door, point inspection staff for key inspection, inspection personnel according to the prompt fast lock vehicles,Guide to the prevention and control point for temperature measurement and code scanning, greatly shorten the time, improve the high-speed exit vehicle inspection and passage efficiency, for the past passengers to create a safe and assured travel environment.Yangtse Evening News/Purple Cow news reporter Gu Qiuping proofread Li Haihui source: Purple Cow News