The cold air is back, and the rain and snow are back

2022-06-04 0 By

Today a snow ushered in the year of the tiger starts for the first time in the morning sun is wanton Snow White sunny like to welcome you all to go back to work have drowsiness dissipate in the sun after the holiday spirit to welcome the New Year holiday cold air to return to work the temperature is low today at night to 9 in the morning my county frequent rain and snow terrain height have icy roads travel note at night until the morningMeaning safety to see the specific forecast “low temperature rain and snow” weather forecast February 7 night to 8 day, cloudy day with sleet or freezing rain, temperature drop, accompanied by road icing, temperature -2 ~ 2℃;From the night of the 8th to the day of the 9th, sleet or freezing rain will turn to cloudy days, and roads will freeze at night to the morning, and the temperature will be -2 ~ 2℃.From the night of The 9th to the day of the 10th, it will be cloudy with light rain, sleet or freezing rain on high ground, accompanied by freezing on roads, and the temperature will be 0 ~ 2℃.Source: Xifeng weather editor: An Heng editor: Wang Zhongping issued by: Wen Hao