Who is the best in Miami’s final Four?Two semi-finals to see what happens

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First, let’s take a look at the four players who made it to the final four. They are: 1. Defending champion Hurkach of Miami.2. Alcaraz.Lucky Argentine TOP 100 player F. Serendolo.4.ATP250 King Rudd.Do you want to ask: where is May?Hurkach!Where’s the crape myrtle?Knocked out by Rood!And Sisi?We lost to Alcaraz in the last round!Don’t ask where Fernald is. None of them are here.One can’t come, one can’t come, one can’t come…The two semi-finals start tomorrow.The first game at 1:00 a.m. F. Serendolo versus Rood.It was the first time the two had played each other.Both were born in 1998, but Rood switched careers in 2015 and Serendolo in 2018.No matter rank or record, can compare with Rood.Serendolo did not have the best luck in Miami, the second round against Opelka, Opelka retired;Quarterfinal against Sinna, sinna retired, sending him to the semifinals.However, Celendolo defeated the recently in-form Monfils in the third round and American Tiafoe in the fourth round, both in two sets.As the biggest dark horse of the Miami Masters, in the end how much strength, Rudd is the litmus test.Let’s hope rood, who has a toe injury, doesn’t pull out of the race.(think Lude’s foot injury is nothing, just to disrupt Zverev’s rhythm is called medical).With Rood’s strength, a victory over Serendolo should be a long shot.The second semi-final is friendly, tomorrow morning at 7am.Hurkach vs Alcaraz.It was also the first time these two players had played each other.He made his name at hurkach in Miami last year, beating young Sinna in the final.He then played strongly throughout the season and beat Federer at Wimbledon.By the end of the year, he was among the top ten and participated in the year-end finals.In this year’s semifinals, there was another player two years younger than Sinna.Alcaraz was born in 2003 and switched careers in 2018.He is 10-2 this season and has won the Rio 500.Do you know how fast Alcaraz has improved?He started 2021 out of the top 100, jumped to 32nd earlier this year, and is now 16th.1/4 final this ball, Alcaraz against another dark horse Kezmanovic, two of the three sets, played a lively.Finally Alcaraz in the tiebreaker tiebreaker narrowly won.The match showed alcaraz’s talent.Some people say that his forehand is very turn, run fast, run all over the court, very like Nadal;Some people say that he is tactically flexible, sudden changes of line, good cutting skills at the net, much like Federer;Some people say that he has strong baseline holding ability, double backstroke straight line repeatedly successful, like Dejo…He had already said he wanted to be himself.Have to say, Alcaraz is the most optimistic industry after 00 rookie.As a result, he has been the focus of the industry and the darling of the media since 2021.Can Alcaraz step up against hurkac, the defending champion?If Hurkac serves on the line, Alcaraz has no advantage in that regard.On the defensive coverage, it also suffers.In short, both sides have their own advantages and are basically evenly matched.Both semifinals will be closely watched.The final result remains to be seen.[come see me][come see me][bow][bow][rose][rose]