Chang Feng died in her sleep

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“China News network” “ETtoday News cloud” and other Taiwan media reported on The 9th, Taiwan veteran artist Chang Feng more than 10 years in the film, has won the “Golden Horse”, “Golden Bell” double golden best actor, 9 days reported that he died peacefully at home, 98 years old, his daughter quietly confirmed in an interview.Chang feng is best known for her role as Zhang Sanfeng in Ye Tong’s Version of “Relying on Heaven and Killing Dragons.”According to the report, Chang worked in a bank before her debut, but decided to turn to professional acting after joining a troupe because of her love of acting. Her most memorable performance was playing Zhang Sanfeng in the 1994 version of “Heaven And Dragon Slaughters” by Ma Jingtao, Ye Tong and Zhou Haimei.He has won the Golden Horse Award for Best Actor, Supporting Actor, Lifetime Achievement Award, and twice the Golden Bell Award for leading actor.In 2019, at the age of 96, he won the Golden Goblet Award at the Shanghai International Film Festival, becoming the oldest actor to receive the award.Chang Feng’s daughter Chang Qing said that her father did die in his sleep a few days ago, but because it happened too suddenly, she worried that the treatment was not thoughtful enough, at this stage is still not convenient for too many details, but “the father’s hope is simple and low-key after the event”, so the treatment will not increase everyone’s trouble for the principle.Chang feng is best known for his role as Zhang Sanfeng in “Lean On the Sky and Slay the Dragon.”Chang Feng was born in Harbin in 1923. He moved to Taiwan in 1949 and began his acting career in 1950.During his long career, Chang feng has won several film and TV awards: Best Actor at the Golden Horse Awards in 1976 for Fragrant Flowers and Poisonous Weeds, Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Horse Awards in 1984 for Fragrance of The Garden, and a lifetime Achievement Award in 2008.He won the Golden Bell Award for Best Actor in 1984 and 1986 and was awarded the Special Contribution Award by the Golden Bell Award in 2015.At the 2019 Shanghai International Film Festival, Chang Feng, then 96, became the oldest winner of the best Actor award in the festival’s history.”Flick the Heart of the Countryside” is chang Feng’s “box work”, he uses a coherent and complete, deep concrete sense of exquisite performance, interpretation of the character’s solemn attitude towards the hometown and life, deeply moved the audience and the jury.On the scene of the award ceremony, Zhao Tao and Yong Mei presented the award to Chang Feng, and the audience stood up and gave warm applause to pay tribute to Chang Feng’s awe and love for acting and film art in her more than 70 years of acting career.Chang Feng said in the backstage interview: “I am old, originally the body is not good, walking is not convenient, but a look at the script very like, or Qin Hailu self directed self, I have no choice to sell the old life to accept.I never thought I would be so lucky to win the award.Go all the way!Article content such as copyright infringement, please contact this number, we will deal with it in time