Chen Yanlin deeply interprets the connotation of “Tuo wei” values

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On January 11, 2022, Sinophanate Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. held the monthly Culture Star award with the theme of “Tuowei · Yue Future · Climbing together”.Chen Yanlin, chairman of Sinopharma Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., presented awards to the award-winning employees at the event site, which fully affirmed the excellent performance of the culture stars and cultural apologists in practicing the values of the company, and launched a profound and wonderful interpretation of the cultural connotation centering on the value theme of the event “Extension and maintenance”.Chen Yanlin interprets the connotation of “Expanding dimension” values from two aspects.He first talked about the “extension” of the abstract level, that is, the expansion of the mind.He wants sinopharm employees to be innovative, not stuck to tradition, and dare to release their ideas.The expansion of the mind is to forget one’s own inherent habits or views, with a “selfless” mentality to see the world, new cognition and understanding of external things.President Chen stressed that TCM, as an empirical science, has been advancing with The Times.Inheritance, but also innovation.When sinopharm employees develop this habit of “selfless” thinking, they will have unlimited possibilities for innovation.Subsequently, he began to interpret “expansion and dimension” in a narrow sense based on the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry.National medicine medicinal materials co., LTD., he said, to jump out of the traditional Chinese medicine, the concept of narrow thinking in the perspective of cultural innovation integration to look at the future of the industry, facing the life, the health of the people of China and the world will be Chinese traditional medicine industry to rise to the cross-border integration of TCM culture, the culture to more different industries,We should innovate more industrial models with TCM as the core, tell the story of high-quality Chinese medicine with innovation, pass on the wisdom of TCM to the world, and promote the internationalization of TCM at a deeper level.On January 15, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the Leading Group Office of the Belt and Road Initiative jointly issued the Development Plan on Promoting High-quality TCM into the Belt and Road Initiative (2021-2025), aiming to comprehensively improve the quality and level of TCM’s participation in the Belt and Road Initiative.By 2035, TCM will be integrated into the mainstream medical systems of more Belt and Road countries, and its voice and influence in the international traditional medicine field will be significantly increased.To introduce TCM to the world is not only the goal of Sinopagic, but also the dream of all TCM people.In the future, Sinopagpharmaceutics Co., Ltd. will continue to focus on the field of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, actively spread traditional Chinese medicine culture, advocate standardized operation of the industry, spare no effort to promote the revitalization and development of traditional Chinese medicine, and build a dynamic new model of integrated development of the whole industry chain to promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry!