DMV tip: there are 4 types of cars can not be licensed, don’t be cheap when buying a car

2022-06-05 0 By

Today, ordinary people have the strength to buy a car, every holiday, the streets can see the car, compared with before, the car price has been significantly reduced;There are various types of cars, no longer just family cars, SUV, MPV, SUV, coupe and other models are favored.Demand determines the direction of market development. With the deepening of people’s understanding of cars, more and more people see the convenience brought by cars. The number of cars has successfully exceeded 400 million, and the existence of cars can be seen in both urban and rural areas, which all depend on the improvement of life quality and the decline of car prices.Falling car prices compared with the beginning of 2000, the car price decline range is very large, at the time of a xiali car to anywhere, now streets can see vw santana, the price is in 200000, returned to now, Volkswagen santana’s actual transaction price at 6-70000 yuan, after comparison,The decline in car prices can be clearly seen.With the increase in the number of cars, the second-hand car market has shown a strong vitality, the relevant departments are also continuing to optimize the second-hand car transaction process and steps.From the perspective of resource utilization, second-hand cars can realize the elimination of resources and reuse, enter the market at a very low price, and also allow ordinary people to get benefits. Some luxury cars with longer service life, the second-hand price may be one tenth of the price of new cars, ordinary families can also realize the dream of luxury cars.Buying a car is a big thing, a car wants to hit the road normally, need to have license plate and traffic compulsory insurance, and suspension license plate is also the premise of buying strong insurance, that is to say, only to be able to suspend the car license plate, to have the qualification of the road.Whether you buy a new car or a second-hand car, you should ensure that the car can hang the license plate. A friend who works in the DMV reminds me that not all vehicles can normally hang the license plate.Have four kinds of the car can’t registration, buy a car don’t keen on gaining petty advantages: can not meet the discharge standard of fixed number of year of the vehicle is often such a long old car or stock cars, has exceeded discharge standard at present, the domestic have implemented the six emission standards, and a lot of stock car emission standards is five, as a result, also didn’t have the qualification for listing;Some older cars with longer life, emission standards may be five, four or even three countries, the car’s emissions design is relatively backward, in the car annual inspection can not pass the exhaust test, this kind of vehicles also do not have the normal license qualification!Whether new or second-hand vehicles meet the scrapping standard, once they meet the scrapping standard, they can only be scrapped, and some people will sell these vehicles at a low price. These vehicles can not continue to drive on the road, and they can not complete the transfer and registration.No product auto registration certificate of the car, the staff will verify the car manufacturer’s certificate, to judge whether to have the qualification for the road, no natural product certificate of vehicle to the registration, especially some in QiMaoCheng buy car owners, should be in time for product certification, avoid delay subsequent registration, such as buying insurance process!The frame number printing position is inconsistent with the provisions of the frame number is equal to a car’s identification, there are always some people forge the frame number, mainly in some accident car, assembled car, modified car, the frame number of this type of vehicle is often rebuilt, naturally do not have the license qualification!