Eat tangyuan, throw arrows, watch performances, and immerse yourself in the wonderful night of The East Lake Lantern Festival

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Yangtze River Daily wuhan client on February 16 (reporter Xue Lingyu correspondent Xiong Mingyang) product intangible cultural heritage, arrow, do lanterns…The whole east Lake green road white horse station is full of “Easter eggs”.Tourists take photos of lions and dragons dancing at the White Horse Station in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 15, 2019.To celebrate the Lantern Festival, there are a series of folk activities at night, such as hanfu parade, hand-made lanterns, tangyuan DIY, making lanterns and guessing lantern riddles, presenting a wonderful visual and cultural feast for the public.Children are picking riddles from colorful lanterns.Reporter Xue Lingyu photo folk performance, immersion show, Lantern Festival……At 3 PM, the reporter walked into the activity scene, as if through time and space, the children put on hanfu, holding lanterns, shuttling in groups in the crowd, very lovely.In the center of the square, lion and dragon dances were performed. Jiaolong roamed, Divine dragon wagged its tail, and golden dragon chased pearls…The majestic drums accompanied by the majestic dragon and lion dance, played the lively festival, citizens and tourists in an endless stream.When the dance was over, many tourists took the baton, waved it and ran, laughing and laughing.Tourists change into Hanfu to take photos and punch cards.Reporter Xue Lingyu photograph “here to see the memory of the land boating, too wonderful, the flavor of the year and strong up!”To go to the folk feast, who lives near the yellow crane tower Zhou Yun law of children with aunt specially arranged to the east lake after the Lantern Festival, “here are the traditional lanterns, guess riddles, making dumplings, do have such as stroke and carried sedan our Chinese New Year tradition in childhood, feel suddenly back to his childhood!””Aunt Zhou sighed.The boatwoman and the audience cheered “Hao Hao” from time to time as she danced, moving forward, backward and jolting, guided by a boatman with OARS.The tourists take the dragon sticks from the hands of the dragon dancers and run to play.Reporter Xue Lingyu took the head, traditional folk activities hot opening, this head, arrow throwing, guessing lantern riddles, Hanfu tour and a series of wonderful activities.Zhou Yunlv put on hanfu early in the scene and walked around for a circle. Then she came back to the activity area of “throwing arrows into the pot” and queued back and forth for 4 times. Holding a long wooden arrow in her hand, she was aiming at the pot.Behind her there are many big friends, children are lining up to try their hand.”Dress up perfect person show qiao, dozen a festival name?””I guessed it!It’s Yuanxiao!”Under the lantern riddle corridor, many tourists took off the lantern riddles and gathered to study the riddles carefully. The riddle paper under the 200 lanterns was picked clean as soon as it was hung up. The staff laughed and said that it was lucky that they were well prepared and the riddle tube was enough!Then he cheerfully brought a ladder and put up a new lantern riddle.The children are immersed in the game of throwing a pot.Reporter Xue Lingyu took the photo at 6:00 p.m., the interactive experience projects full of ancient Chinese elements such as dumpling shop, lantern shop, cotton candy shop, barbecue shop are also in place one by one, making people linger on.”Now all pay attention to immersion, east Lake to have a colorful Lantern Festival, the most appropriate, adults and children can have a good time.”Mr. Li, who lives in white horse xinju phase ii, from lantern riddles to pot throwing, and in the evening from the dumpling shop holding back a bowl of their own homemade dumplings, eating sweet in the mouth in the heart, spent a sense of the Lantern Festival full of ritual.According to organizers of the event of east lake impression staff ShuYu is introduced, the intangible the parade has held two terms, is very popular, the Lantern Festival activities lasts from 2 PM to 8 night, traffic was expected in 800, “we specially invited folk performing team, the traditional dragon dance, lion dance, a land boat intangible performance to the east lake,Spread the happiness energy of the zeitgeist.”For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.