Pension 18 consecutive rise is coming, who does not belong to the adjustment range?These six groups are complicated

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Retirees are about to receive a pension increase of 18 years in a row.Since 2005, the pension of enterprise retirees has been adjusted by The State Council.The report on the work of the Government in 2022 has made it clear that the basic pension for retirees will be adjusted moderately this year. The 18-year consecutive increase in the pension is still stable, and a notice of pension adjustment is expected to be announced in April.Old people look forward to an annual increase in their pension when they retire.After all, as prices rise every year, so do elderly people’s costs, and there is nothing more reassuring than a yearly adjustment to their pensions.However, when pension is adjusted every year, there are always some people who do not belong to the adjustment range.If broken down, there may be six categories: first, those who retired that year.In fact, with the development of The Times, our endowment insurance is about to achieve national pooling.Every year concerned annuities adjusts the scope of personnel, the country undertakes clear regulation in the adjustment notice of annuities.For example, “on 2021 retiree basic pension adjustment notice” clear adjustment scope is before December 31, 2020 for retirement procedures and by the month to get pension treatment of the crowd.For instance “about further standard basic annuities socialization extends the notice” early clear, leave retiree to extend basic annuities from the second month that deals with retirement.However, as long as the retirement procedures that are dealt with in December, belong to the scope of pension adjustment actually.Because deal with emeritus formalities in December when, the element of check and ratify annuities is according to in those days December affirmatory.So, in those days retired personnel do not belong to in those days annuities adjust limits.However, due to the use of the New Year’s pension base calculation of the pension (the first half of the retirement of the elderly may be due to the late announcement of the pension base, there will be a pension recalculation), the calculation of the pension will be part of the higher, not necessarily a loss.Second, some areas of the retired personnel.Actually, retire personnel of all sorts of salary pay level reference is the salary pay of on-the-job worker, with retiree property still different.The annual adjustment of the leave payment (basic pension) of retired personnel is generally implemented using separate notices.Retired are a few of the veteran cadres who had participated in revolutionary work before the founding of the People’s Republic, and their remuneration was very high.Adjust treatment with retiree is different, natural people also can understand.Third, those who have not completed the pension qualification certification.To ensure the security of income and expenditure of endowment insurance fund, retiree should undertake the qualification attestability that gets annuities every year.If not, the pension will be stopped from the local time.Pension payments after the suspension of nature will not be adjusted.Centralized certification of pension eligibility has been abolished nationwide.A lot of places take the method of face brushing certification, certification once a year.Some areas like Shandong are using silent authentication, by comparing the civil affairs, public security, medical and other aspects of the government platform information, reduce the workload of authentication.Some are older, unable to use smartphones or text messages.Even physically handicapped, he would not go to the bank to withdraw money.They don’t notice that they may not be certified and stop paying pensions.In this case, do not worry, generally as long as the community or street service personnel, you can make an appointment for door-to-door service certification.After the certification, the pension will be reissued, will also be adjusted.Fourthly, persons sentenced to suspended sentences and fixed-term imprisonment or more.Those who break the law should also be punished in terms of pensions.According to the “Reply on pension Benefits for Retirees after being sentenced” in 2001, pensions will be suspended if retirees are sentenced to criminal detention, fixed-term imprisonment or reeducation through labor, and they will not participate in the pension adjustment during the prison term.After serving the sentence, the pension will be paid according to the standard before serving the sentence.The pension will be paid to those who have been sentenced to public surveillance, suspended prison terms, or executed outside prison, but they will not participate in the annual adjustment of the basic pension.Fifth, recipients of old-age insurance benefits for urban and rural residents.Urban and rural resident endowment insurance and worker endowment insurance are two different insurance actually.The old person of endowment insurance of urban and rural dweller gets treatment also do not call commonly “retire”.”Retirement” itself refers to a state pension system established by the state in the era of planned economy.Although the reform of endowment insurance system has been realized, the two kinds of endowment insurance are still different.The endowment insurance for urban and rural residents has low contributions (the government pays them for families living on subsistence allowances), no loss in contributions (if they die early, the full amount can be inherited), and much lower benefits.However, the government work report also made it clear that this year, the basic pension for urban and rural residents will also be adjusted, and the benefits of these elderly people will also be raised.But also have 10 yuan only commonly just, follow worker endowment insurance, annual annuities adjusts difference far.Sixth, the retired personnel, unemployed personnel and other unretired personnel.Although a few old people are old, but did not retire, also do not belong to the range that annuities adjusts naturally.For example, the internal retreat of the enterprise personnel, still is extending living expenses by the enterprise actually, the enterprise is giving normal pay social insurance premium, until retirement age is to deal with retirement formalities by the regulation.Unemployed personnel can get unemployment insurance compensation, individual areas can also get unemployment subsidies.But can’t retire, can’t get the pension in advance.The state has certain policies to promote employment of the elderly unemployed, and may give certain insurance subsidies or public welfare post placement.Welcome to warm heart finance, share more social security knowledge with you.Welcome to follow and forward.