3-2! Stoppage time winner!Huang Jianxiang angrily criticized the men’s football team after China’s epic comeback set four records

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3 to 2, an epic comeback, China beat South Korea and settled the battle in 90 minutes.With the victory, China set four records: 1. It has been unbeaten against South Korea for seven years, with the last loss going back to the east Asian Cup in 2015.2. The Asian Cup continues to be unbeaten against South Korea;3. The win gave China the Asian women’s football championship for the first time in 16 years.This is the ninth time that Chinese women’s football team has won the gold medal in Asia, far ahead of other teams.The women’s Asian Cup final kicked off with the Chinese women’s football team taking on the Korean women’s football team.This service, Wang Shuang comeback and Tang Jiali partner attack, other positions of the first and Wu Chengshu, Yao Lingwei, Gao Chen, Zhang Xin, Yao Wei, Wang Shanshan, Wang Xiaoxue and Lou Jiahui, goalkeeper position Zhu Yu.In the 26th minute, After China’s midfield pass was broken, South Korea broke the ball and made a quick counter-attack, beating Yao Wei’s left pass and scoring easily with Cui Youli.South Korea broke the deadlock, 1-0.The first 45 minutes, Yao Ling Wei in the defensive process of the unfortunate handball foul.The referee awarded a penalty kick.Chi xiaoran hit a free throw to extend the lead to 2-0.At the start of the second half, China changed two players, with Zhang Rui and Xiao Yuyi coming on for Lou Jiahui and Wu Chengshu.The 59th minute, zhang Linyan substitute, replace the poor performance of Wang Frost.The effect of the substitution was immediate.The 66th minute, Zhang Linyan left with the ball breakthrough cross, Li Yongzhou handball, the referee decisively penalty.Miss Tang scores a penalty, one to two.The 72nd minute, Tang Jiali forced a breakthrough cross on the right, Zhang Linyan in front of the header.At 2-2, The Chinese team tied the score with tenacity.Buoyed by the equaliser, China seized the opportunity to regain control of the midfield and stifle South Korea’s attack.The 83rd minute, Zhang Linyan took the ball to break through the right cross, Tang Jiali outside the penalty area vigorously shot, the ball slightly deviated.At the last moment, Wang Shanshan once top to the front, played the role of tactical fulcrum, which made the Chinese team attack threat increased.In the 90th minute, China was in danger again when Yao Wei made a terrible mistake in clearing the ball and the goalkeeper, Zhu Yu shenyong, blocked an unguarded volley from inside the penalty area.The contrasting performances of the women’s and men’s soccer teams on the international stage also prompted Huang jianxiang to once again criticize the men’s team: ‘Look at what our men’s team is doing in the competition.They are throwing away their bread and butter, no wonder people scold them!In the 93rd minute, Wang Shanshan sent a diagonal plug and Xiao Yuyi inserted into the penalty area and volleyed into the far corner for the 3-2 winner, capping a remarkable comeback from a 2-0 deficit.For this goal, Huang Jianxiang said excitedly: no problem, the goal is effective, you can always trust the Chinese women’s football team!