Because of du Lala go! Go!, why do you return to be a director?

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Recently, with a strong cast, Let’s Start shooting began to air, and netizens all commented on it that “professionalism and authenticity rank first among the variety shows themed by directors”.What is the charm of this variety show?Let’s talk about it today.The most exciting thing in “Let’s Go” is undoubtedly the six young directors who participate in the competition in the program. Although they are only “young” in their respective directing careers, they either have previous experience, or have professional teams, or have some guidance from green Light members…The result is a work that often shines in the eyes of the viewer on screen.Now to tell about in the “start shooting” in recent several mid-term, although with the identity of “crossover”, but with good works capture many audience “heart” of a director – director “meng new” Wang Luodan.First of all, wang Luodan has always been a relatively alternative role among the six young directors.When it comes to Wang Luodan, the first thing that comes to mind is other directors who participated in “Let’s Start shooting”.One has several excellent films and has won valuable awards at film festivals.One who has made a name for himself in the film industry and led a film that has made a lot of money in the industry…The directors with whom she competed had none of these!She was not trained in directing;Before joining the variety show, she also had not written any film works;In ordinary days when the director of this matter for her, in the public mind is completely unhooked…When no Dan wang came to the shot, become one of the six young directors, follow-up works created by members will receive the green light will test, and film critics believe that the vast majority of the audience finally presented to him work attitude, first of all, is there will be more subtle – as one of the new and the other five have experience, the director of contacts, have the ability to compete,Is this going to be a little bit too much?Even Wang Luodan herself, in the very beginning of the interview also admitted that she was in the director of this road full of thorns is three no personnel — no work, no box office, no experience.She came to the show with a learning mindset, a little bit more.But perhaps it’s also her mentality, and her experience as an actress, that has led her to create short films in recent seasons, such as Chat, Missing Person, and Silent World.Among them, “Chat with you” was evaluated by several film critics as “the story of the whole film is not strong, but more of an emotional expression…However, there is no denying that the leading actor Yuan Hong’s layered performance and rendering of the scene atmosphere, as well as a unique ideological core, such as a short preparation time, is the first debut of a novice director, the completion of the short film and the novel story, generally quite good.In particular, as the audience watched the works of five other young directors with different characters, the protagonist of “Chat” can still be remembered by the audience, and can also leave the impression of “seeking truth at the last moment of life” in the bottom of their hearts.In the other film, Wei Daxun, Wang luodan uses the actor’s potential image in the public as a harmless and warm man to cover up the short film, his portrayal of the character’s real ferocious face.In order to achieve a small reversal, the audience from the cognition before the turning point to the mystery is broken, so as to form a sensory impact.In addition, the short film also focuses on social issues — “women’s safety”, which sublimates the core of the story.In another film, Silent World, the audience can see Wang Luodan more. Her use of lens and control of details in this film has made great progress compared with the previous two short films.Whether it is the atmosphere in the sister room foil, or the follow-up two people mutual savings for a long time of contradiction finally broke out…Compared with the previous two, it gives the audience a fresh and new visual perception.Overall, “Let’s go” wang Luodan in the direction of progress is not small.And not only Wang Luodan, Hao Jie, Yi Xiaoxing, desert……These more experienced and basic directors, their short films are totally competing with each other, in the “Let’s Go” stage can be described as “you sing and I show up”, look forward to their more wonderful play in the future!