Happy joke: When my brother was five years old, my mother took him to my aunt’s house on a bicycle

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When the younger brother was five years old, his mother took him to the great-aunt’s house by bicycle in the next village, and his brother was thrown to the ground halfway.Mom didn’t know that until she arrived at my aunt’s house, she found her brother missing.Mom down the original road to find back, see brother in situ playing stones, do not cry and do not make.Old mama laugh scold a way: “silly child, you don’t know call me?”The younger brother light say: “call you useful?Didn’t you hear my brother cry all the way down the road?”The daughter-in-law went to stay with her mother.Where there is no sanctuary, there is no paradise.Son graffiti on the wall, my beer dish roast duck!While enjoying the TV car model, the son suddenly ran over and said: “Dad, now we are not a tiger in the mountains, the Monkey King.”Old mama: “you see you, lazy again greedy, who give ten thousand PIECE I gave you to sell.”Dad: “you sold the girl, I also want to find ~” I: “you see, or dad good to me” dad: “don’t kua me, I look for buyers.”Me: “why are you looking for a buyer?”Dad: “Find him, I have to return five thousand to somebody else ah!Acts have virtual table, can value ten thousand?”The young man asked the Zen master, “Master, I have been stupid since I was a child. Can you tell me why?”The master stroked his beard and said, “Your mother.””I see, master, you mean it’s genetic?””No,” the master said with a significant smile, “because you were your mother’s second child.”My friend had a problem and asked me to help him.Me: “The thing, from her point of view…(omitted three hundred words) he: “True!”Me: “From your perspective…(omitted three hundred words)” He: “More so!What about you?”Me: “From my point of view…I don’t give a shit!”Seeing a colleague and her five-year-old daughter on the street.The lovely girl, whom I had never seen before, insisted that I should take her to the playground.I teased her. “Aren’t you afraid I’ll sell you?”The little girl said, “My mom told me that she has an ugly workmate who is the kindest.I…The father-in-law came home, we blew a long time cattle, he asked: “smoke?I shook my head.”Do you have any wine?” he asked.I shook my head again.He beats a table: “have no you won’t buy!””If your daughter hadn’t kept all the money,” I said, “do you think I’d be here talking to you for hours?”He: “You…If your mother didn’t have all my money, would I be here talking to you?!”I’ve heard that women love to hear men say, “Just brush.”So when dinner was over, I said to her, “Take it and brush it as you like!”My daughter-in-law slammed the rag in my face.Why is it so hard to make your wife happy?!When I was a child, I often rode my bike to town with my father. Once my father drank with several friends and it was already twelve o ‘clock when I came home.Back home, dad called mom hurriedly take corn hit a hit, said the road may encounter unclean things.Mom asked what happened, dad said, today’s bike pedaled surprisingly heavy!Maybe a ghost pulled it.At this time, I said in a daze: “Dad, my shoes were wheeled roll into a……”When I was a child, my cousin suddenly black and blue to look for me: “you later don’t always run outside, you must stay at home to study honestly, ok?”I disagree: “with what?”Cousin touch swollen old tall cheek to say: “yesterday afternoon your father to Internet bar to look for you, the result to me to arrest, harm ME by my father beat, you say with what?”