Ten billion actors box office ranking, Shen Teng ranked second, Wang Bo ranked third, Liu Haoran sixth

2022-06-06 0 By

Many friends will go to work tomorrow, and it is estimated that people will choose to take their families to the cinema to see a movie during the Spring Festival. So today we will take a look at the top six actors in the cinema with the highest box office revenue of 10 billion yuan. But since the Spring Festival is not over yet, this is the data before the Spring Festival.The first is Wu Jing, wu Jing with Wolf Warrior 2, Wolf Warrior, The Wandering Earth, Changjin Lake and other works, won the first Chinese film box office, a total of 26.385 billion yuan.Wu Jing second is Shen Teng, Shen Teng is happy mahua dynasty veteran, has always been in the stage, and then began to transition to film.Films are also very successful, among which the most impressive is Goodbye Mr. Loser starring Shen Teng.By the end of the Spring Festival season, Shen Teng’s box office was 23.472 billion yuan.Shen Teng and Huang Bo took the third place in China’s box office with 19.299 billion yuan.I have to say that Huang Bo’s acting is very good.Huang Bo and Liu Haoran retained the sixth place with 17.7 billion yuan at the box office.He graduated from the Acting School of the Central Academy of Drama. His famous works include Beijing Love Story, Twins and Home At One Point.The highest-grossing film for Liu haoran is Detective Chinatown 3