“Traditional Chinese medicine music therapy” into the winter Olympic village

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“10 Seconds” Traditional Chinese Medicine experience pavilion appeared in Beijing Winter Olympic Village and Yanqing Winter Olympic Village for more than half a month, caused extensive attention of athletes from all over the world, but also helped friends from all over the world to better experience the magic of Traditional Chinese culture and the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine culture for thousands of years.It is reported that the “10 Seconds” Chinese Medicine Experience hall not only concentrates on the charm of Chinese medicine, but also provides a place for athletes to relax both physically and mentally — the immersive experience area of “Harmony of nature and man” : while keeping their body and mind in harmony with the four seasons of heaven and earth, they can taste the Chinese classical rhythm tailored for their physical and mental state and experience an unusual audio-visual feast.According to Traditional Chinese medicine, there is a dynamic relationship between people’s emotions. When one emotion is out of balance, it can be “transferred”, “restricted” or “balanced” by another “competing” emotion, so that the excessive emotions can be reconciled.It is mentioned in the theory of Traditional Chinese medicine that “five deities” — god, soul, mind, soul and spirit are the manifestation of the spiritual consciousness and thinking activities of the human body, which is overlapping with the concepts of consciousness, perception, emotion, thinking and memory in modern psychology. The “five tones therapy” is proposed based on the unitary holistic view of spirit, qi, blood and body in traditional Chinese medicine.The five sounds, such as horn, zheng, Gong, Shang and yu, correspond to the five zang organs and five gods to regulate the physical and mental state of the human body.The “Emotional Music Therapy of TCM” developed by the team with professor Han Dongran from the School of Life Sciences of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Associate Professor Liu Yixing from the School of Management is guided by the theory of TCM psychology, referring to the “Path of neutralization” in “five-tone therapy” and integrating the theories of modern personality psychology and psychotherapy.Experiencers are accurately described according to their mood, personality and brain disorders. Based on big data technology, emotional attributes of music are systematically divided according to a large number of real-world user experiences, so as to achieve intelligent matching and personalized intervention between experiencers and music.In Chinese medicine experience, experience small program code scanning posters participation experience, completion of system evaluation, automatically generating personalized music therapy, cooperate with the visual effect of immersion big screen, experience can experience the charm of Chinese classical music, immersive audio-visual feast to enjoy more than a minute, helps to restore or enhance the spirit of energy,Promote the interaction between consciousness and inner true self, and enhance the information flow between brain and heaven, earth and nature.(Source: Xinhua Finance)