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On February 15, the NBA regular season resumed, and while the NBA games were taking place, the NBA Development League games were also taking place.The Iowa Wolves lost their losing streak to the Santa Cruz Warriors 113-119 in a D-League game today.The Santa Cruz Warriors were the better team in the game, so they kept the lead, although the Wolves made a comeback in the fourth quarter, but it was no use, and the Wolves lost to the Warriors.But in the wolves loss we can still observe some players are very good performance, including rockets fans more familiar with the forward Vincent Edwards.While Minnesota’s John Edwards is playing well, Vincent Edwards, a former second-round pick of the Rockets, is also playing well in the D-League.He had 25 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists on 6 of 12 shooting in 36 minutes.Edwards was mediocre from beyond the 3-point line, but he showed an ability to drive and kill, drawing multiple fouls and collecting nine free throws, which is why he scored 25 points on just six shots.It’s safe to say the Wolves would have lost by more than six points had Edwards not played the way he did when he fell behind.As selected by the rocket second round 2018 second-round pick, Edwards in what the rockets didn’t actually get opportunity has been abandoned, after all, he was selected when a rocket or a very good team, the rockets really don’t need to play this second-round Edwards, so natural growth did not give him any time.But after a few years of training in the G league, Edwards has made significant progress and is now close to the peak of his career.Vincent Edwards is one of general manager Rob Pelinka’s targets for a potential d-league forward, based on previous reports that the lakers may be looking for a suitable forward in the same way they signed Stanley Johnson.Of course, with the way the lakers front office has been playing lately, it’s not pelinka’s call to sign Edwards, so it’s still up to pelinka to see if the deal will materialize, and let’s hope the lakers find the right additions.