Body pain, constipation, poor appetite?Traditional Chinese medicine: Be careful is the disorder of the body

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What are disorders?Disorder is when the body stops following a healthy path and becomes disorganized and disorganized.To give you a specific simple example, such as spleen and stomach qi disorders, under normal circumstances, the spleen is rising stomach is falling, if the temper does not rise but fall, the so-called depression of temper, then it will lead to diarrhea phenomenon;If the stomach gas does not fall but rises, then the stomach gas will reverse, resulting in nausea, vomiting, reflux and other phenomena.To put it simply, it means that the body is affected and can no longer operate in accordance with the normal route. Then the organs of the body start to be confused and become chaotic, resulting in various adverse conditions.So, what are the signs of physical disorder?1. The body feels unwell, which may be pain but not pain. 2.Poor sleep quality, insomnia, more dreams, easy to wake up 5. Loss of appetite, reduced food intake 6. Emotional instability, inexplicable irritability afflictions lead to physical disorders:First, emotional factors may be due to external stimulation or its own character, emotional easy to overworry, mental disorders, impatient anxiety, anger, sensitive and suspicious, these bad emotions will have a bad impact on the human body’s qi and blood viscera, after a long time, it will lead to qi and blood viscera operation disorder.Two, false fire what is false fire?From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, empty fire refers to Yin deficiency without Yang, and Yang deficiency burns the viscera, qi and blood meridians, which is prone to disorder.Yin represents the material basis, just like the nutrient of the plant. If the nutrient is insufficient, the plant will lack of nutrition, and it will be easy to wither and wither.In the life, the most common is this kidney Yin deficiency, kidney Yin deficiency is generally more by fantasy-less frequent, lead to phase fire rashly;Eat spicy and irritating food for a long time, resulting in loss of kidney Yin;Often sleep at night, which is caused by excessive consumption of Yin.How should conditioning improve?Keep Yin ziyin based, first of all to get rid of staying up late, addicted to spicy and irritating food, diet can eat more Sydney, tremella, lily, rock sugar and other ziyin fire food.To soothe the liver and regulate qi, the first thing is to keep a happy, peaceful mood, not too much temper, and also pay attention to good living habits, such as going to bed early.Adjust the spleen and stomach, the first is to live up to three meals a day, and to achieve balanced nutrition, can also be matched with dietary therapy to assist, such as lotus seeds, dates, pearl barley can assist porridge to drink.