Chen Feiyu brought a sweet pet drama, incarnate programming genius, partner female master has “love face”

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Although Chen Feiyu is a star of the second generation, but it is very low-key efforts, he has been trained by the conscientious play every play, in the director father Chen Kaige’s words and deeds, constantly honed acting, now can also take the lead, starring in the youth campus movie reputation is very good, shaping the sunny warm male image deeply popular,Whether comely appearance or clean temperament are very in line with the idol drama should have some male face, Chen Feiyu then brought a sweet pet drama “lighter and princess skirt”, incarnate programming genius, partner 99 years of popularity flower, she has “love face”, high appearance level CP to be set.”Lighter and princess skirt” poster “lighter and princess skirt” is directed by Liu Junjie, Zhou Yong scriptwriter of a youth urban emotional drama.Director Liu Junjie is known as the “godfather of Taiwan idol dramas”. He is good at shooting and creating emotional themes, such as Wallace Chung’s Silence and Jon Chen’s Prince Turns Frog.Scriptwriter Zhou Yong strength is not uncommon, once by virtue of “naked marriage era” won “magnolia award”, and “men and women”, “too late to say I love you” word-of mouth burst money are from his hand.This creative team is very powerful, Liu Junjie + Zhou Yong cooperation can be said to be strong, will create a high-quality sweet pet script.”Lighter and princess skirt” male and female main casting to the original fan is very satisfied, Chen Feiyu partner Zhang Jingyi, two are high appearance level popular actors, their youth and sunshine appearance and relaxed temperament and the role of the perfect fit, have to say that the director really too will choose the casting.In addition, also assembled Zhao Zhiwei, Ceng Keni, Cui Yuxin, Qian Didi and other high appearance level and good acting young actors, all members are high appearance level, full of youthful vitality sense of the cast can be called a visual feast, let a person pleasing to the eye.”Lighter and princess skirt” is adapted from the author of Twentine Jinjiang sweet pet novel of the same name, the original IP heat is quite high, this half campus half workplace novel is very popular, the audience in the love circle is very much.The play mainly tells the growth and love story of li Yao, a rebellious programming genius, and Zhu Yun, a brave and tough girl with excellent grades, who went through several twists and turns from the campus to the workplace.In addition to the description of campus love, the plot also involves many hot social topics, close to the reality, warm healing, inspiring people to yearn for beautiful love.In lighter and Princess Dress, Chen Feiyu plays the leading role of “Li Yao,” a programming genius who is admitted by the school. Seemingly a rebellious and ignorant rich family, Chen Feiyu is actually a confident, brave and positive outstanding youth.This male host set suits Chen Feiyu too, with him oneself disposition and family setting are very similar, can say is instinctive quality acted.Chen Feiyu drama modelling changeful, the hair from aureate to chestnut to cut hair again, cool sa does not break teenager feeling again.Reuters photos from the exposure, Chen Feiyu dressed in school uniform cool and handsome, energetic, very in line with the youthful image of college students.After later period steps into the society, change Tibetan blue coat, appear composed and handsome again, look at with female advocate deep feeling su again hold up person.Lighters and princess dress Zhang Jing instrument still fei-yu Chen the partner of the Japanese surprise, she is the flower 95 appearance level power after merger Zhang Jing instrument, plays in the cigarette lighter and the princess dress girl students with excellent grades “Zhu Yun”, her character docile clever, to be passive and do things for parents, since met men li ground, slowly change,Have temper no longer put in the bottom of my heart, but adhere to their own ideas, courage forward.Zhang Jingyi no matter pure wen wan appearance or unique temperament are very consistent with this character image.Zhang Jingyi acting undoubted, very good at the interpretation of this youth drama, like “crazy dog boy sky” in the rebellious girl Li Ran an, “I want us to be together” for love to adhere to the gentle outstanding students Ling Yiyao, etc., are her interpretation is in place.Fei-yu Chen Zhang Jing instrument still Chen yuxin play the lighter and the princess dress is different with general sweet pet play, drama high sweet cure has the connotation, both green campus beautiful first love time, there is also a workplace struggle struggle to grow life experiences, the fei-yu Chen challenge with honours student role, and after 95 popular flower Zhang Jing instrument deduce from the campus to the dress of the sweet love,Two pretty boys and pretty girls together frame cp feeling burst, are you looking forward to Chen Feiyu’s new play?Do Chen Feiyu and Zhang Jingyi fit your fictional characters?Please share your thoughts in the comments section.For more exciting content, come to her entertainment fashion circle. 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