More and more people are not installed in the home security net, such a direct installation, small peeking are crying back

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Now the thief is really hard to defend, even if you installed anti-theft window, the thief can also pry open the window to climb the window or climb the pipe into the house to steal, make a lot of people after the window was damaged, but also to repair the window, so now a lot of people simply do not want to install, how to install the original.People have gone to great lengths to prevent burglars from breaking into their homes, and have come up with a solution that will make them cry by installing them in the plumbing or on the balcony fence.Related to everyone’s property security, everyone is responsible, I am from the conscience of the share, I hope you like ~ together to let these hateful thieves have no chance, starve to death in the street, ha ha ~ nonsense not much to say, let’s see ~ in the home of the pipeline installed anti-theft thorn, I see the small thief is not enough courage to climb again?He can climb up to calculate I lose ~ this move is not tough enough?Still have a kind to be in the guardrail of the balcony jacket anti-theft thorn, have protective effect again, if say thief is evening just enter the house to steal, in the evening black hemp hemp, see not clear at all, I see he still cry not to cry to go, really hate thoroughly these thieves, really very hateful!Here again anti-theft equipment installation, need to pay attention to some of what can let the thief no opportunity?In order to prevent thieves from taking advantage of the opportunity, the density of the anti-theft thorn must be encrypted, not too large a gap, otherwise it will not have the effect of anti-theft.(This article is edited by Qi Jia xiaobian, graphic from the network, if there is infringement, please inform us to delete!)