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As the Spring Festival approaches, preserved meat, sausages and other preserved food products usher in the peak season, and various preserved food products workshops in Western Guizhou are busy stocking up for the Spring Festival market.Early in the morning, workers are busy sorting, weighing and packing preserved food products in the factory of Shanyunchang Food Co., LTD in Zhongshan town.ShanYun chang food co., LTD LaWei products factory workers rushed LaWei “I have been working in this company for more than a year, mainly in the outer packing workshop for wax products packaging, one day can packaging 4000 jins of wax products, now can get 6000 yuan a month, and closer to home, and more convenient, we all felt satisfied.”Shan Yun Chang food co., Ltd. employee he Lei said.”I’m mainly responsible for filling sausages here. It’s close to home and convenient to take care of the elderly and children. The salary is 3-4 thousand a month, which is much better than working outside,” said Li Yanqin, employee of Shanyunchang Food Co.Shan Yun Chang food limited company employee Li Yanqin said to the reporter.Walking into the factory’s sausages hanging and selling place, a burst of fragrant sausages coming, I saw a string of pure bright color of bacon, sausage, densely hung in the oven.Technicians are checking and arranging smoked bacon and sausage in the grilling room.In addition to preparing for the Spring Festival market, the establishment of preserved flavor products factory also provides employment for local people and solves the problem of nearby employment for some people.”Our company actively attracts nearby people to find jobs nearby. At present, the company has solved the employment problem of 49 people.”Shan Yun Chang food limited company in charge ye Cleverness told reporters.Vacuum packaging sales LaWei products as we have learned, so far, ShanYun chang food co., LTD., various LaWei sold more than 100 tons, the total sales of 8 million yuan, compared to last year’s sales rose more than 600 ten thousand yuan, mainly through local sales, trill, WeChat online and offline both in and out of a combination of sold to major cities,It has effectively boosted local people’s employment and income.Ye Congming, head of Shanyunchang Food Co., LTD., said, “We will continue to work hard to make our wax products bigger and stronger, promote our characteristic brand, and bring more local people to employment and income.”Proofreading: Hou Chao Editor: Mei Yiming