Saturday, February 19: Analysis of seven football matches (including scores and goals prediction)

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West ham united are still up and down, Newcastle united are still up and down, so will the Hammers continue to grind out points?Personally think not also!On the one hand, the Hammers are playing at home and have some quality, while Newcastle have not been good at away games this season., on the other hand, the hammers have 4-2 in the first round is better than Newcastle, have the psychological advantage, moreover, at present, four strong desire for west ham it must win to return to the first four, fighting spirit is more sufficient, data for west ham supporters also compares the foot, the late data haven’t changed much, so it hammers rebound opportunities is not small.Prediction: Win 2-1 3-1 Goals scored 3/4 Saturday 015 Southampton VS Everton02-19 23:00 in both historical exchange, trailing in Southampton in the past 10 times face everton 3 wins, 3 draws and 4 defeats, nearly 2 meetings, have, in the psychological is not dominant, yet Asia initial data for its start to 0.5 highs, trailing concessions than stronger, reflect current status of the two teams,For the home team strong stand meaning, Southampton might as well look at the first line.Prediction: win 1-0 2-1 goal count 1/3 goal Saturday 016 Premier League Liverpool VS Norwich match time: 02-19 23:00 this match the two teams no matter rank or squad strength, there is an obvious gap, and Liverpool is at the peak of their period, strong like Inter are not their opponent, let alone the promotion?In recent years, the battle between the two sides, is also one-sided situation, Liverpool win rate as high as 90%, the advantage is very obvious, the current data for Liverpool’s concession is reasonable, clearly show good intention, I think this battle Liverpool win is not suspense.Prediction: Draw/draw 2-0 3-0 Goals scored 2/3 Sat 017 Brighton v Burnley Premiership Match Time:02-19 23:00 There is still a gap between the two sides, and Brighton have a home advantage, and they have won two of the last five games against Burnley, so as long as there are no major problems, Brighton will have a much better attacking machine.In addition to the data for Brighton also gave enough support and prevention strength, the late is also a good gesture, so I think Brighton home can score this service.Win/draw 1-0 1-1 Goals scored 1/2 Saturday 018 Premier League Crystal Palace VS Chelsea match Time:02-19 23:00 two teams overall strength gap is very big still, after all, two teams both offensive and defensive strength has a great gap between data, especially the defensive quality, crystal palace to concede has reached the Chelsea twice, enough to prove that the defence of the gap, in addition, in the history of Chelsea in the face of crystal palace also have a good result,For the past four seasons, it has a great psychological advantage. From the perspective of statistics, the current data is also full of concessions to Chelsea, and the water level is also deliberately lowered the value of the visitors to achieve the purpose of prevention. Comprehensive analysis, Chelsea have a great chance to win this game.Arsenal v Brentford, 019, 019, 23:00 Arsenal had a run of five games without a win in all competitions before beating Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-0 in the premier League last weekend.Brentford, on the other hand, are barely promoted, with their squad fragmented and weakened by injuries and recent defeats.Data at the beginning of the -1.25 position, there is some confidence in its.Put it all together, Arsenal is definitely the first choice.Manchester City VS Tottenham Hotspur (030 GMT)02-20 01:30 to both the strength of the current status, the city’s advantages are obvious, after all, the spurs last time indicate the problem still quite serious, Manchester city striker is extremely hot recently, just a little careless spurs even will be the next sporting Lisbon, in addition, data on the city side, the game also obvious preferenceSo I don’t think Manchester City will win this game.Prediction: Win/draw 3-1 3-0 Goals scored 3/4 Goals For more highlights, follow today’s football punch card