Chen Meng lost the crown again after the mood open-minded!The Olympic champion is in a good mood and looks so beautiful with her makeup

2022-06-08 0 By

The WTT Macau Championship ended as scheduled. In this match, Wang Manyu, who has been rising since Tokyo Olympic Games, won another gold medal in women’s singles, and defeated Chen Meng, who won the gold medal in Tokyo Olympic Games at that time, successfully in the semifinals.However, this was not Chen’s first loss since the Tokyo Olympics. Chen has been adept at adjusting her mentality to successive challenges, so the loss of the title did not affect her too much.Just recently, Chen Meng released recent photos of her life, which is so good!Chen Meng even watch the game, we also is not hard to find a base of she is not bad, facial features delicate, short hair, due to the perennial kept the habit of exercise, the state of the skin is very good also, this time to have a holiday, after she dressed in a beautiful and comfortable at the camera, the picture can even use jing to describe!In the photo, Chen meng is wearing a thick windbreaker and holding a soft white scarf that makes her look softer and more delicate.In fact, this period of time for Chen Meng, said not smooth, but difficulties, challenges one after another.After winning the gold medal of women’s singles in Tokyo Olympic Games, Chen Meng was placed with great hope. However, she received great pressure from public opinion and even affected her confidence in herself.From the National Games to the World Table Tennis Championships, and then to the WTT Championship, Chen Meng lost three times, but on the contrary, he had a clearer understanding of his own strength.Seeing her delicate makeup appearance in front of us, the fans can not help but be happy for her. I believe that in the next stage, Chen Meng can better adjust herself, maintain a good attitude, constantly improve her skills, and face the coming challenges in a better posture.At present, she is still the absolute main force of the National women’s Table tennis team. I believe she will write her own story well.