City of time: Rong Jia on and Feng Shizhen abuse love upgrade crazy eye, details confirmed Xu Weizhou acting

2022-06-08 0 By

City of Light has failed to stand out from the crowd of popular dramas recently, but in terms of its story and cast, the show still attracts quite a lot of attention.At the beginning of the play, the jokes were mostly about Xu Weizhou’s acting skills, such as “staring acting style” and “not enough meticulous characterization of characters”.In fact, it is not, read the original work you will find that Xu Weizhou’s image temperament is very high, his interpretation of Rongjia, fresh and vivid, just like the book out of the general.In the latest plot, Rongjia and Feng Shizhen temporarily threw all secular disputes, each other show intention, sweet together, two people’s sweet degree burst, the audience has long expected the scene finally wonderful staged.They held each other’s faces and kissed intently and passionately. It was their first kiss of mutual affection, no struggle or resistance, no compulsion or hatred, like one cloud meeting another, as natural as sunlight on a blossoming flower.They speak sweet words and express their love in their hearts.The initial encounter is so beautiful, Feng Shizhen saw Rongjia on the first glance like him, “if can talk about a love with this elegant childe how good”.He looked into her eyes and could think of nothing but to follow her. He remembered that she was nervous, but he was more nervous, and he danced with all his strength and seriousness for the first time in his life.I remember that at the beginning of the story when they danced together, some audience pointed out that Xu Weizhou’s dance performance was unnatural and too nervous. The criticism at that time seems to be praise now.This is the state of mind of the characters at that time, not to play cool, not to dance lightly, but afraid of clumsy steps on each other’s feet, afraid of being laughed at, use all his skills to complete, Xu Weizhou will do this detail.When RongJia learned feng who just is your sister, that a great performances is also unique, for the only person Chen secretary, his mind first reaction is to kill him, and let the secret buried forever, Feng Shizhen wouldn’t know that they will continue to love each other, at that time, his cold eyes, let a person feel cold,That kind of extremely painful struggle, and let a person feel distressed, but he eventually did not do that, Xu Weizhou will be this mood of transition transition deduction is very in place.Rong Jia on and Feng Shizhen’s abuse of love upgrade, Xu Weizhou and Jing Tian’s interpretation is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the plot has reached a climax, more and more hotspot, looking forward to more exciting follow-up.