Manufacturers rushed to production, bing Dun Dun, snow Rong Rong trademark has been successfully registered

2022-06-08 0 By

The Mascots of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Bing Dwen dwen and Xue Rong Rong, are popular with the general public, and the surrounding products are also hard to find.Bing Dwen Dwen, a retail store for the Dongsi Winter Olympics in Beijing, was sold out on February 7, leaving only a pure gold bing Dwen dwen on the counter.Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rongrong, the mascots of the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games respectively, not only perfectly integrate Chinese cultural symbols with ice and snow sports, but also carry the new image and new dream of China in the new era.The Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Organizing Committee applied to register the trademarks “Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Xue Rong Rong” in September 2019 and succeeded in December 2020, according to the APP.In addition, the trademark was registered by a number of companies.Zhao Weidong, spokesman for the Beijing Organising Committee for the Winter Olympics, said: “We are coordinating with relevant parties to increase the supply of Bing Dwen Dwen.”Workers at dehua Ceramics, the company licensed to produce the mascots for the Beijing Winter Olympics, are working hard to produce “Bing Dwen Dwen, Xue Rong Rong”.Bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot of the Winter Olympics, is a combination of a panda image and an ice crystal shell, reflecting the characteristics of winter ice and snow sports.The “ice” in the name symbolizes purity and strength, which is a characteristic of the Winter Olympics.”Dundun” means honest, healthy, lively and lovely, which fits the overall image of the panda and symbolizes the strong body, tough will and inspiring Olympic spirit of the Winter Olympic athletes.As the mascot of the Winter Paralympic Games, “Snow Rong Rong” is designed and created with lanterns as the prototype, and the ruyi shape on the top symbolizes auspiciousness and happiness;The continuous pattern of doves and the temple of Heaven symbolizes peace and friendship.Decorative patterns are also incorporated into traditional Chinese paper-cut art.”Snow” in the name symbolizes white and beautiful, which is the characteristic of ice and snow sports.”Rong” means inclusiveness, tolerance, exchanges and mutual learning.”Harmony” means fusion, warmth, mutual harmony.Bing Dun Dun and Xue Rong-rong, “ice” and “snow”, are precious gifts brought to the Olympics by Chinese culture and wisdom. They will surely attract more people’s attention and love in the future.