Next week mainly cloudy and rainy weather, temperature fluctuations

2022-06-08 0 By

Xiuwen county weekly weather forecast Monday (28), sunny to cloudy day showers, some towns (streets) in the morning fog, temperature 5 ~ 19℃;Tuesday (29th), cloudy day to showers or thunderstorms, temperature 10 ~ 15℃;Wednesday (30th), cloudy day with showers or thunderstorms, moderate to heavy rain, temperature 11 ~ 16℃;On Thursday (31st), it will be cloudy with light to moderate rain and the temperature will drop to 5 ~ 12℃.Friday (April 1), cloudy day with light rain, the temperature continues to drop, temperature 4 ~ 6℃;Saturday (2nd), cloudy to cloudy, temperature 4 ~ 10℃;Sunday (3), sunny cloudy, some towns (streets) in the morning fog, temperature rise, temperature 4 ~ 20℃.(Strengthen production safety management, establish and improve the responsibility system for production safety.)