Since he was 10 years old, he has been eating 6 jin of bricks a day

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We all know that India is a very magical country, nothing is impossible in India, have made drinks sold with cow urine, sell cow dung cakes, sacrifice of rats, others sell ticket, sro tickets, tickets, the train also sell “ticket” in India, as well as all kinds of strange exotic customs.There are all kinds of strange things happening in India. Today I want to talk about an event related to India. Do you believe it?In India, there is a worker, he from the age of 10, suddenly interested in dirt, bricks, no longer eat normally, but bricks, sand for food, and since then has become out of control.Pakkirappa Hunagundi, an Indian, was born in a slum in Karnataka, southwest India. Hunagundi’s family was extremely poor. As a child, Hunagundi began to move bricks in construction sites with his father.In 2004, Pakkirappa Hunagundi was 10 years old when he stepped in the mud while carrying bricks. He fell upside down and landed in the dirt, spitting it out of his mouth and smacking it.At first, hunagundi’s face contorted with disgust, but as he smacked it, he noticed a slight sweetness at the base of his tongue and was fascinated by the crunching of his teeth against the gravel.Hu di bricks as tribute from the package later, hu di begin obsessed with eating mud like crazy as tribute, and soon after he took a brick, don’t eat meat every day, hungry at the village directly on the scale of broke off a piece of brick, never chew directly, hu di due is very good, as tribute on the brick just like chewing cane, chew cucumber, crunch.In principle, do not eat food, do not eat all day to silt, bricks for food, intestines and stomach will certainly eat bad, however, once, Hunagongdi in the hospital to see a doctor, after testing, the doctor has come out of the report is hunagongdi’s health indicators are very normal.Hunagundi’s stomach was much more acidic and concentrated than normal, and his stomach walls were much thicker than normal, but that wasn’t a big problem. Besides, Hunagundi’s teeth were very hard, and he’d been eating bricks for 20 years without any breakage.It’s amazing.Because eat brick the eccentricity, has more than 30 – year – old hu di as tribute always can not find object, his mother to worry about bad body, hu di mother in order to let the son as tribute to abandon eating dirt, brick of this bad habit, although home very poor, but I still bought it for him the Fried chicken, expect son under the food temptation of delicious Fried chicken, eat a bite.Hunagundi’s mother is trying to persuade him to eat, but hunagundi turns his nose up at the fried chicken, which others find delicious. He says he prefers bricks to fried chicken, and has even stopped eating curry, his favourite growing up, since falling for bricks.Hunagundi has been addicted to eating bricks, he almost every day to eat six pounds of bricks, and he eats bricks without drinking anything, dealing with cold water directly, and since The story of Hunagundi spread in the village, more and more people began to come to his home to watch.Hunagundi is even counting on earning money from his brick-eating stunt, requiring villagers to pay money to watch him, but he’s not making any money because there are so many weird things going on in India.Hunagundi’s father as early as 2010, because of an accident passed away, they all count on the mother to collect garbage outside to earn money, living conditions are very poor, coupled with such a strange son, which makes Hunagundi’s mother feel extremely desperate.Hunagundi eats about six kilograms of bricks a day, and local villagers have calculated that at that amount, the bricks hunagundi has consumed over the past 20 years would be enough to build a small villa in the area.In fact, something like Hunagundi has been found all over the world. It’s a strange disease called pica, which is a very complex syndrome of multiple diseases caused by metabolic disorders and abnormal taste.Long-term consumption of no nutrients, such as soil, sand, hair, paper, insects, etc.Pica is actually a psychological disorder, and people with pica, in the beginning, their bodies do lack certain micronutrients.So they are dependent on some unusual nutrients.But in the end, it often turns out to be a psychological disorder. Pica’s brain releases a flood of dopamine when they consume these non-nutritive substances, leading to a vicious cycle.When you were a kid, did you really enjoy smelling something like tractor diesel?This is because some people are missing some elements in the body, and diesel may contain this element, everyone around you have pica family or friends have similar experience, you can also leave a message or comment below, like friends can also click below to pay attention to oh!