Sound of new willow, tooth plate knock spring brilliant, cowboy cattle back flute sound

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian sinology art to find the soul of poetry, sound in the willow new, tooth plate percussion spring brilliant, cowboy cattle back flute sound.Cuckoo sound in the night weiyang, attached to the east wall, the teeth of the cowherd and weaver busy.Emerged, each brave, gao Zhi non original intention, once spread wings cloth cloud.Cattle to sheep to another year, teeth and claws, spring cloth warm branch wanshuhuan.Smoke vast independent wang Xiangguan, a pile of dust breeze socks ring.Walking hard, mask confidante, 钗头凤 qu Qinhuai half bend.Ever dyed Buddha body, cloth socks free people, a mountain of a thousand smoke lock jin.The sun is wandering about, misty, where is we going, but dust covers the moss.Cage tree lock autumn, a set sun ancient ferry, dust full of clothes luo socks system orchid boat.Socks lingbo to not return, a pile of dust mask Fangfei, 钗头凤 song today, smoke lock Qinhuai full clothes.Bark dust, occasionally see green shirt wet socks mark, village head willow, smoke with rain total ecstasy.Alone on the tall building looked at the sea head, yan-bo vast water air flow, wet blue shirt skirt socks, dusty ancient boat.Smoke in the wind, head pillow huang Xiaoliang dream has been distant, dust settles grain in ear shoes across the stone bridge.Green shoes cloth socks irritate temples China, sunset river head smoke outside someone else.Hu was in love with dust, so he picked out two or three socks and blue shoes, and went home with the smoke demoiselle rain hat.Blow wrinkle willow tip head, a vast look, socks lingbo dust for who stay.Solitary smoke straight to the peak, the setting sun inclined from the ridge head, dust a shoulder cloth socks song line.Hair spots, a day idle, head white do not know yishui is home.Cloud to the peak head, light from the water, socks lingbo dust mask.A few spring and autumn, the Yangtze River day and night head, dust float in the sky into the past, cloth stockings step clear stream.Socks Lingbo dust bury people, 钗头凤 qu Cold pond moon half round.A pile of dust cover emerged, lingbo walking light, where to teach smoke in the twelfth floor.Choshitou, fengyan fundus, socks Lingbo dust dyed clear flow.A few spring and autumn, white head, dusty clothes worn socks also worry free.Green shoes cloth socks spring mud, dust inadvertently everywhere fan, mountain stream outside the partridge crowed smoke.Dust Yang, socks dance nishang, looking at the end of the world road, a wisp of smoke is hometown.Jiangtou new willow, smoke cage green grass such as Yin, who girl with clothes do not dye the body.A wisp of smoke scattered clear sky, independent building wangyuan peak, dust full clothes where to go, leaving only socks with wind.Bleak temples spot, in the mirror zhuyan frequency add people getting old, youth perishable dream difficult to round.Two friends, cape tianya at this time, former thousands of miles away, Yang Guan a song to send thoughts.Yang Fold tears with towel, thousands of miles of acacia to send the old, look off the end of the world you see, a moon as alone.Former far away in the sound of tears, a Quyang guan jin, looking broken tianya moon according to the heart.Where not romantic, bright moon qinghui Yang guan infinite hate, thousands of miles in total gaze.According to the west window, near the end of the world two heartbroken, old people where to go, Yangguan Sanfold tears thousands of lines.Sing the wind, where to find fang Trace, the end of the world is very difficult to meet, the moon is still according to the dream.Old man by crane with clouds, Yang guan tears full jin, looking off the moon as lonely heart.Where the wind at this time, a Quyang pass thousands of miles of two hearts know.The breeze at ease in the body, where to find friends, old people go to the sun do not see you.Has gone no longer stay, a Quyang pass how much sorrow, where the end of the world can have according to Kyushu.Is home, two slim, a Quyang guan not tears touch clothes.According to thousands of homes, total this China, tonight the old three fold tears such as hemp.Sing Yang guan, old people also, looking off infinite road, a bright moon according to jiangshan.Old people where to go, Yang guan a song to send you line, the horizon breeze with my feelings.This is tianya reduced guest, the moon two friends, Yangguan three fold old people to ask poetry.The bright moon cool breeze two sleeve empty, where the end of the world to find fang trace, old people a few heavy to Yang Guan.Sing home, old people where to find youth, very hard to meet, the moon breeze tasting tea.Dream vaguely see the old man, Yangguan Sanfold tears stained towel, where there is no grass, the moon breeze with my body.Where the wind is my home, a quyang guan thousands of miles in total yunxia.Yang Guan sing sunset, old people where very hard to meet, the moon is silent as falling flowers.Tianya category turn peng, the moon two hazy, Yangguan three fold old friends look at each other.According to thousands of families, the end of the world total this China, tonight where to go, Yang guan a song tears such as hemp.Pick chrysanthemum donglin comfortable body, do not dye true temperament, frosty day xiao horn hang silk fishing month new.Meaning difficult flat, shuangbin frost Hua dream is not dyed red Qiushuibi, the dongli drunken Yuan Ming.Frost wind blows ten thousand fenglin, red leaves add a new gold, mo road to the drunken autumn poetry heart.Autumn dyed fenglin drunk west wind, old and new friends frosty day ten thousand liliqing.Another spring, free body, frost day xiao Horn castle peak dream new.Leaf withered residual lotus root is broken, dew heavy chrysanthemum yellow, Fenglin do dyed donglin drunk setting sun.Barren village frost gas heavy, morning wild path as red as fire, suspected to be the east hedge chrysanthemum people.Dyed chrysanthemum fresh, wine donglin full moon, old friends new friends chan.East hedge autumn, the maple leaf wind dyed bi branches, frost dew condensed into thousands of ancient rhyme, the new poem reciting thousands of crazy.Sweep new moss, night frost chrysanthemum did not open, layers of forest red like fire, east hedge wine for you.Night west wind frost, small garden new chrysanthemum is fragrant, linlin dyed Qianshan show, alone love dongli quietly elegant fragrance.The drunken Double Ninth, do not dye a wisp of incense, proud by frost Yin yun still long.New fine weather wutong leaves full forest, maple dyed mountains to drunk poetry.The branches are especially charming, the new red light green dyed Fenglin drunk, chrysanthemum bloom east hedge fragrance floating.Deep and remote dream temples side dye, planted under the east hedge month, to fu new poem goose word when back.An old man picked chrysanthemum dongli, the setting sun dyed through the mountain red, frost invasion temples new peach for old.Meaning hesitation, full of frost, maple dyed forest drunken setting sun.Wanli frosty sky fly north goose, new moon according to the West building, Fenglin do dyed donglin rhyme more secluded.A piece of red, the drunk west wind, old and new friends often get together, laughing at a frosty day.Do not envy the east catch late autumn cool, frosty day wanli new poetry charm long.Last night the new thunder insects, frost dew embellish bonus, linlin dyed donglin autumn thick.Leaves fall autumn wind is cold, flower residual willow is new, maple dyed layer forest drunkenness dusk.Dyed red, chrysanthemum, a ray of new sorrow wanli flat sand.Children and grandchildren full of laughter Yang, knee chenghuan Xi to crazy, white hair spot yan dyed snow temples add frost.Do not feel cold, drop two sleeve spot, knee children now where, only leave grandchildren tears trickling down one’s cheeks.Baibai two do not know, wind and frost dyed temples hate late, childhood knee son filial piety poetry.Knee children laugh cry, the old man with a stick to play with sun, temples frost do not feel cold autumn wind, two sleeve fragrance dyed chrysanthemum spot.Full of laughter cry, mother knee parents hair snow, time wasted temples have been disabled.Two as, spot clothes white hair a thin, knee chuhuan day, still remember jiaosun around my lu.Years of white dye tears, wind, frost, snow and rain temples add silver, childhood lap Tianlun joy, laughter laughter with sun.Children under the knee laughing, sun helped me out of the door, white hair on the temples green spots 12 silk.Children and grandchildren meet, parents knee cheeks red as fire, the vicissitudes of life dyed temples.With grey temples, tears running down her cheeks, her knees laughing merrily, her wife falling asleep with her grandson.Grizzled hair, do not change the heart of youth, childhood knee laughter, dream vaguely loving mother and grandson.Knee children are happy, parents filial piety sun, time wasted cheeks tears wet jin.Why more envy long with knee son, white life oblique light temples edge silk.Waste temples have silk, white a few people know, childhood lap sun Xianzi filial piety poetry.Spot dust three, ten years of frost temples five lakes, knee before the children sun Mountain sunset red.Laugh loud, endless music, wind and frost dyed temples urge people not spots.– Zheng Huixian Chinese Art