The disappearing countryside is the hometown that middle-aged people cannot go back to

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According to tradition, the Festival is over until the Lantern Festival.After the Spring Festival, rain is the solar term, we should prepare a year of spring ploughing.In fact, highways have been clogged with traffic since the fourth day of the lunar New Year, and a large number of people have returned to the city.On the seventh and eighth day, people prepare for work and livelihood in the New Year.It is not because life is better, every day is like Chinese New Year, so the taste of Chinese New Year is weak.But times have changed: China’s traditional agricultural civilization of thousands of years has passed.In the industrial age, solar terms and festivals were just symbols and feelings, while rest days and paydays took their place.The young have abandoned the land.From the countryside to the provincial capital, he conquered The north, Shanghai and Guangzhou, went to Europe, America and Japan, and finally fought out of the galaxy…That’s what teenagers dream about.If you say you want to be a farmer uncle, your classmates will laugh your head off.As a middle-aged rural man living in the city, I would brag to my friends that I could farm.Most of my friends are from rural areas, they blow but I, I laughed at: “even Hunan people daily essential pepper do not know how to plant, but also say what retirement home to live in the countryside?”In fact, I only grew small vegetables, far from the traditional farming of wheat and rice.In the past ten years, one million natural villages have disappeared, and 300 million farmers have become citizens, including my hometown and me.I can’t go back there.