The first art carnival of 2022: Back to the Future

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Over the past year, each of us has struggled to adapt to the pace of life after the “normalisation” of the epidemic.The disruption of the original order also gives us more time to return to our hearts and reflect on what we have experienced before in the pause, turning and waiting.Coincidence, small make up to beat the clock and the art museum open exhibition – “ON | OFF 2021: back to the future”, the exhibition by Sun Dong winter as a curator, rendering is a debate over time and life, past and future, the exhibited works jointly presented a kind of comes from inner introspection of the spirit of life, how to, how to introspection.”ON | OFF”, if can be a key switch, through time and space, you will come back to the past or the future?Read today’s tweet and you can treat it like a game.Hop on this time machine, because we’re about to embark on our next mission: back to the future.And art gallery, exhibition site 01 “ON | OFF” back to the intersection of fate, to choose in the entrance of the exhibition space, white is the independent space separated by a black PVC curtain, in black and white, is to press the switch ON | OFF key.The sudden switch makes everything seem confused: blurred people, blurred backgrounds and barely visible words flicker, different colors of light pointing in new directions in the darkness.Chen Wei “# 5 in the sea”, “# 4 in the wave Chen Wei fault (where are you going tonight), the exhibition theme” ON | OFF “, was founded in 2013 by UCCA curator Tian Fei yu, BaoDong, Sun Dong winter, and reflect the post-olympic era of Chinese young artists concepts and practices of a famous group of the theme of the exhibition.In “ON | OFF” in UCCA ullens center for contemporary art exhibition nine years later, the curators Sun Dong winter defined, in 2021 time to review this topic in the continuation and development in recent years.In the form of group exhibition, 43 works/groups created by 27 contemporary Chinese artists are presented in the theme exhibition.Behind today’s “ON | OFF” is listed ON the new time and the subtitle, from the present day by day intense, after the age of globalization “integration with decoupling” tension, revisit and continuation of the theme of the exhibition unfinished narrative in 2013.From left:Jiang Pengyi gravel understanding the sea no. 14, (local) He Xiangyu Darryl (local) the exhibited works include paintings, sculpture, photography, installation and videos, and other artistic media, involving the media society, natural environment, different issues, such as identity, geographical boundaries, but are common presents an comes from inner introspection of the spirit of life, how to,In the context of globalization, art is not only a medium to preserve memory, but also a sentient practice that transcends time and space by calling upon the historical consciousness of the subject.Turning away from the dark, faintly lit space, there is a huge “artificial moon”. The spherical installation is covered with numerous polarizers, which make the white, glowing sphere look like a colorful installation.It’s an unforgettable piece of work that illustrates something that’s hard to believe even when you think about it: what you see is not necessarily true.The artificial Moon 2 by Wang Yuyang is the best viewing (shooting) spot from the front of the mechanical device, the Far Circle is You (like the grain below) to the back of the mechanical device, the far Circle is you (like the star above) and then back to the artificial Moon.The switch between black and white, the embellishment of color in the middle, the ripples caused by a finger touching the water, all tell the dialectical relationship between one and more in profound philosophical truth.Chen Zhe “The Far Circle is You (On the Star)” Chen Zhe “The Far Circle is You (on the grain)” 02 Memory is a kind of reconstruction from the present, people and things in the past, have nothing to do with the present?But such a moment, trouble and daily necessities are no less.To solve the problem, we need to face the past and think about it repeatedly to find a way to decrypt it.Drama, perhaps the best way to interpret events, expresses the emotions of characters and the implied meanings of things through body language.The entrance to the second unit of the exhibition is the staging of a drama.Li Ran’s Untitled: Future Play — What You Say Is What You Say builds an open space through paper balls, twine and posters that are common in daily life.When the audience walks in, they will naturally substitute in the traces left by their behaviors when they meet problems in their daily life, cause troubles and think.Li Ran’s untitled future Drama, Whatever You Say is a record, is a better way to review the past.From the interaction between individuals and their surroundings reflected in Zhang Ruyi’s “Soaking Landscape” and scaffolding “space”, wang Tuo’s “Obsession Record” refers to the unconscious structure of human beings with the spatial structure of architecture, and Liu Yujia’s “Treasure Hunt” is a narrative about expedition, travel and excavation.To the female writer of The History of Southern Drama Act A, invented by Tao Hui, it is like walking into different dream Spaces, switching different identities and shuttling to different countries in different times.Sun Dongdong, curator of Zhang Ruyi’s Immersion Landscape, Wang Tuo’s Obsession Record, Liu Yujia’s Treasure Hunt, Tao Hui’s History of Southern Drama Act A, mentioned whether the exhibition can also be used as A time machine.As in the eighty s Hollywood sci-fi movies back to the future of the hero Martin, driving by car modification time machine, from “the Reagan era” through back to the “Eisenhower”, in the event of an decide the fate of their parents, to rehearse event development, the direction of the his family out of the originally and failure.The second half of the exhibition, “Back to the Future,” takes inspiration from the Hollywood sci-fi comedy “Back to the Future” and Carousel of Progress, a revolving stage performance project at Disney World, as a kind of commentary to the title of the first half,It contains visions of going back to the past and moving forward in the future, based on the present.Film is an art of dreaming, just as Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis school, suggested that dreams are subconscious related to wishes, pointing to the absence of reality.For us, Back to the Future is about the ability to go back in time and undo the “damage” our past actions have done us.TongWenMin “chongqing weeds” painting on the clay Overall size variable since 2021 the consciousness of the project for a long time to go back to the past, prompt the memories as consciousness of intentionality characterization, as well as the founder of the phenomenology of husserl suggests, memory is a kind of imagination, we can find a specific object in the consciousness of time behind the multiple manifold.You can’t change the past, but you can change the future by recalling it.Kikachick is taking his first steps towards the stage where the snow and ice are slightly powdered in the dark blue twilight to meet the light. 03 Those who care about the future are those who care about the three units in the present exhibition:”Time appearance”, “memory space” and “multiple echoes”, starting from human cognition and feeling of time, condense the grand issues such as the movement of the universe, human destiny and historical moment into a certain mood of The Times at this moment. In the relationship of mutual mapping with the individual practice of the artist,To transform the promise of the future into a life energy that transcends the shackles of time and space.Future possibilities are generated from present choices and practices.Xiao-yuan hu “stone suspected | bye, forever five human fate given time an image of life.French modern poet mallarme, had a famous saying, “a roll the dice, will never cancel the accident”, contingency and necessity between dialectical just say the fate of the charm, concerned about the future, is really care about now, and now it is from the past, appears to be three dimensions, are gathered in the infinite past and future differentiation now.What we can do is acquire the ability to integrate space and time in what the philosopher John Locke called “consciousness,” which “is always malleable, and can extend into the past, and unite the very existence and actions of the same person who are far apart in time.”Yu Ji “Movable Feast No.1” never forget, there will be echoes.Unit 3’s “Multiple Echoes” reveals more ways to cope with life through retrospection and reflection on the past and present.Marchusha’s “Wardland – Eros No.4” uses different black nylon socks wrapped in pieces of broken cement to form a work, echoed by the color version of “Wardland – Mi No. 2” behind the set frame.Breaking the “broken mirror can not be reunited” regret, broken can also create another beautiful state.Ma Qiusha “Ward LAN – Eros No.4” Ma Qiusha “Ward LAN – honey No. 2” Li Liao “weak sex” is the deepest feeling in this unit.The work originated from the artist’s discovery of the different shapes of soap in the house, which turned out to be the traces left by his wife’s anger when she threw them at the wall.There is a wall of aluminum panels next to the French Windows, and old soap in different colors on the floor. Passers-by can walk into the designated area and throw the soap at the aluminum panels.Recall to be in the home before noisy with the Sir Face red ear heat when, imagine very much “ideal city” the su Xiao that sun li plays is same, go to pressure absolve museum to take helmet to be armed to the teeth, taking baseball stick to give utmost effort, at the same time shout the glass bottle beside all break.Until today, when I see Li Liao’s works, I realize that there are better ways to vent: not only reduce the cost of vent, but also the soft way to vent can be seen by the other half, promoting the reflection and benign communication of both sides.After picking up soap from the floor to “vent”, I grabbed my phone and ordered a few bars of the same soap.Li Liao “weak sex” original normal relation, it is sad and happy intersection, it is to want to escape or choose to face however, it is although quarrel but did not leave from beginning to end.As things go, they go in a spiral.Return, repetition and spiral are the curatorial concepts emphasized in Chen Wei’s S. On the one hand, it is out of poetic comparison with the spatial form of “Art museum”. On the other hand, it tries to make the audience feel the rhythm of time and life, global and local, memory and history through the overlapping of ideas among the works.The space of the art museum and the exhibition space together construct the universe view.The relationship between the past, the present, and the future of the museum, just like tadao Ando’s and the Museum.Wherever you stop on the spiral staircase, you can look to the future and to the past.In this exhibition, each audience can find themselves in different time and space, the space they want to return to, and the people they want to meet.ON February 4, 2022 (4) in sum, and gallery “ON | OFF2021: back to the future” formally displayed to the public.So, who would you most like to “go back to the future” with?(This article is reprinted from Collection Auction Magazine)