Warm New Year’s Day tour jiangxi | Spring Festival does not close, Xihai hot spring to pay New Year’s greetings to you

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New Year’s Day, Xihai Hot spring to everyone happy New Year!A wish you a healthy body, smile 2 wish you work smoothly, a promotion three wish you a Happy family, wishing you a Happy New Year and good luck in the Year of the tiger Happy New Year New Year good luck, a pipe bundle bowed out and New Year bring your family to the west sea hot spring bath orientation, a washing, unlucky one bubble good luck to come here, from the hustle and bustle of the city,No noisy here within the city, picturesque scenery negative oxygen ion extraordinary here, for the rare and precious radon springs, forget the annoying thing in the world, let a person relax tired, the feeling of cold instant devoid of 81 different function of spa pools built up to the mountain tai chi tai chi bagua pool water many rare medicinal herbs bath who three warm hole in Finland, western jade pool, Japanese Japanese in zodiac golden tiger pool, etc.,There are free drinks and fruits to enjoy in the spacious and comfortable lounge on the second floor. Lying on the sofa for a nap, it’s really too comfortable.Get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city and come here to enjoy nature’s generous gift of spring Special.It can be bought and used on weekdays, weekends and holidays, and the set meal is valid until September 28, 2022.Enjoy the delicious food of the New Year. Of course, there are organic male fish swimming in Zhe Lin Lake, a delicious and nourishing fish soup to warm up the whole body in cold weather.Warm heart in addition to the delicious fish head soup and there are many fresh season seasonal delicacies must let you and your family in the taste buds of jing is colourful and raise a glass to laughter, HeHeMeiMei New Year Happy New Year, produced crackling fireworks set off firecrackers fireworks during the Spring Festival every Year, this is common customs and now it doesn’t matter, but most of the city has become a banThis Spring Festival to the western sea, let you be enough for a good year starting from the fireworks during the Spring Festival you can specify the location of the hotel fireworks and love the people together to enjoy New Year fireworks bubble soup, watching the fireworks at natural oxygen bar, with love sleep new preferential housing package, major credit limit of 500 landscape big bed/standard rooms + double spring snapped up immediately use rules:1, the package will be valid until June 30, 2022 2, according to the front desk price upgrade other room except (apartment) 3, the main building should be at least one day in advance booking, snapping up do not use the same day, snapping up the next day began using 4, weekend (Friday, Saturday) and the tomb-sweeping day (April 3 – April 5) using price 100 yuan/each;During the Spring Festival (February 1 – February 5) and May 1 (April 30 – May 4), the extra price is 200 yuan/copy (contributed by Xihai Hot Spring)