Year of the Tiger off to a good start!Philips Smart lock wins first prize of New Year

2022-06-08 0 By

Sequence start new process, vientiane update!Philips Smart lock ushered in a good start to the New Year. With excellent research and development strength, product quality and service system, philips smart Lock successfully won the bid to become the strategic partner of “China Overseas Property 2021-2022 Electronic lock Supply and Installation Centralized procurement Project”, realizing the first bid in the Year of the Tiger!Quality first, mutual benefit and win-win as a first-line real estate brand in China, China Overseas Real Estate has formed a layout with Hong Kong and Macao, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai Rim, northeast, central and western regions as the key regions, and its business covers the key regions of the country, playing a pivotal role in urban living, community life and other construction fields.At the same time, with the adjustment and boost of the housing industry and policies, intelligent upgrading has become a new wind in the real estate industry.In order to adapt to the new requirements of the new age of, zhonghai real estate with wisdom, as two direction of the product quality upgrading of industrialization, is to adhere to strict requirements on in the supplier’s tender, not only on the supplier’s brand awareness and product quality, pay more attention to the supplier’s massive supply ability and product service ability, in order to improve the added value of the house.Therefore, The emergence of Philips smart lock in this tender not only reflects China Overseas Property’s recognition of philips smart lock brand development, product technology and service capabilities, but also the perfect fit of the future development concept of both parties.Philips Smart Lock has always been adhering to the brand concept of “innovation for you”, deeply cultivate smart home business, market-oriented, continue to increase investment in product research and development, r&d, production, sales, service, marketing and other aspects has established a closed-loop system, promote the continuous development of the brand.Not only that, Philips Smart lock focuses on brand building, comprehensively expand the plane, engineering, foreign trade, property, KA, e-commerce, operators, live broadcast and other diversified channels, to achieve effective penetration of online and offline and global scope, to bring safe and convenient smart lock products and quality products and services to more families.Since the layout of engineering channels in 2019, Philips Smart Lock has successively become a centralized procurement supplier of well-known real estate projects such as Vanke, Sunac, Greentown, Xuhui and Longguang, with the overall performance showing explosive growth.The acquisition of China Overseas Real estate project, a major strategic supply cooperation, has further expanded the market share of Philips smart lock, and achieved another breakthrough in the layout of engineering channels.Strong cooperation, ready to start a new chapter, the year of the Tiger off!New Year, philips intelligent lock will take on the deep insight into the market demand, to speak with strength and quality, and combining the China real estate, for added light and color, intelligent home security construction in a more intelligent, comfortable and convenient intelligent lock products improve the quality of people’s life, and to build a good living environment, to have the splendid XinCheng.