Yin Ping: Gather you and I together to promote fair consumption

2022-06-08 0 By

Dazhong · Poster news reporter Zhang Zun correspondent Zhang Yuchao zaozhuang reported “Sir, today is March 15 International Consumer Rights Day, this is our publicity materials, you go back to have a look, must improve their awareness of fraud, clutching their own money bags, protect their legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law.”On March 15, chu Frost, a volunteer, was teaching the villagers about the protection of consumers’ rights and interests and distributing leaflets to the public to raise their awareness of prevention.Every year on March 15, is the international consumer rights day, in order to further guide consumers’ rational consumption level tone town, build a secure and harmonious, healthy and civilized consumption environment, level tone, market supervision joint practice volunteers, new era civilization in zaoyuan square to “promote consumer fair” as the theme of the 3.15 international consumer rights day theme campaign.Event, the staff set up XuanChuanTai, information desk, hanging banners, and the inhabitants of common concern for safeguarding consumers’ rights and the solutions, told that their complaints policy, channel and program, let the people involved in the research method, usage, strengthen the self-protection consciousness, the consciousness of the masses, raise people’s self-consciousness and effectiveness to rights according to law.”Today’s publicity campaigns on consumer rights are too practical. They are full of ‘dry goods’ that touch every aspect of our lives and affect our vital interests.In the future, I will study laws and regulations related to consumer rights and protect my legitimate rights and interests with legal weapons when confronted with consumer fraud and traps.”Yin Ping town West building village villagers Sun Qitai said happily.The consumer rights day campaign, all kinds of flyer out of more than 500, more than hanging banners, solve the legal advice more than 50 people, by the education the crowd of more than 600 people, effectively enhance the safety awareness of consumers, the consciousness and responsibility consciousness, standardize the market management main body legal consciousness and behavior of the good faith management, has played a good social effect.In the next step, Yinping Town will continue to innovate publicity methods and means, carry out various forms and rich contents of publicity activities, smooth consumer complaint channels, actively pay attention to respond to consumer demands, promote consumer rights sharing, so that consumers get real happiness.