An Yixuan, the queen of idol drama, has been struggling for 20 years

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Ann for idol drama “spicy XianShi debut in 2000, after a number of popular TV dramas was familiar to the fire, the dugu world inside dugu prajnaparamita appearance, even is 20 years older than she is more beautiful when I started out, it is said that time never lost beauty, this sentence on Ann really is too perfect, in addition to beauty online for a long time,Acting is often taken out as a benchmark for idol dramas.At that time, the Taiwan idol drama market is full of love Mary Sue drama, “Betta fish” found a new way to show many social problems existing in Taiwan, but also let the audience in addition to indulging in beautiful love, also can bring some thinking.”Given” tells the story of Ann grew up as the superior environment of darling female “pei yan”, and dylan kuo plays after school to go into the underworld of confronting students “NingHao”, two people who shouldn’t have intersection because met an accident encounter love, love is pure but doomed to ideal and reality is contradictory, like birds linger on fish, eventually ended in tragedy.Was new Ann for her also, much attention has been paid to “yan pei language corner” and the “yan pei language” although effeminate and pure, but for the lover to discard all brave, role appearance and character contrast is impressive, “NingHao” and “yan pei language”, the love is also a distressful became white moonlight in the minds of countless.”Chinese Paladin” is a TV series changed according to the IP of the game, and in the play, “Zhao Ling ‘er” and “Lin Yueru” two characters of the red and white rose struggle, has been continued to this day.Lin Yueru this role surface unruly capricious proud beautiful, in fact, with love to deep, knowing that there is no result but also unwilling to give up, she finally for “Li Free and unfetteringly” and forever buried in the demon tower, become “Li Free and unfetteringly” and many xianjian fans heart pain.It is said that the original actor of this role was not An Yixuan. Later, due to the suitability of the role, an Yixuan was replaced with a more suitable image, which also accidentally made a classic.”Chinese Paladin Legend” broadcast when the hot degree, when is really unparalleled.Lin Yueru, played by An Yixuan, has also become a favorite of many people.Just at that time, “wild girlfriend” wind is also blowing everywhere, Lin Yueru also naturally become a lot of people’s mate standards.This play, also completely opened an Yixuan mainland awareness.”Next Station, Happiness” was broadcast in 2009, which not only topped the ratings in Taiwan for three times in a row at that time, but also has a rating of more than 8 points on Douban. Although “Next Station, Happiness” added the incurable disease and memory loss, which are essential dramas in Korean dramas,But because of the reasonableness of the plot of its story and the blessing of the superb acting of the actors, it is always on the altar.While the show’s focus is on misery, it’s also full of well-crafted details and hilarious Taiwanese humor, which shows the production team’s dedication and makes sense of the show’s popularity.In the drama, Liang Mucheng, played by An Yixuan, is a single mother with a kind nature, but she always faces various tests of life and various injustices of fate.Play an Yixuan every crying scene, let the audience have a sense of substitution, into the play quite deep.In addition to the above several TV dramas, An yixuan also starred in the Return of the Royal Sister, Relying on heaven to Slay the Dragon, The Locked Autumn, The New Water Margin, The Lonely World and many other highly rated TV dramas, in different plays also created more complex and multi-faceted characters.It is precisely because of the experience of time and witness that her works are remembered by the majority of the audience. In addition, her personal life is low-key and never hyped, which makes her acting and recognition of the public quite high.An Yixuan also coordinates every part of himself on the road of his life, making himself step by step and down-to-earth, and walking out of a road that belongs to his own real power idol drama queen.