Don’t beat yourself up too much, learn to accept yourself!

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If you have always loved dancing and you have been dancing for years, you are 32 years old.And then there’s a girl who’s 10 years younger than you, who dances a lot better than you, who’s nicer to people than you in every way. What’s in your heart?Maybe my first reaction was to blame myself, blame myself for being like a girl at this age, why not spend more time to improve the dance!At that time of their own, may still be a unworthy boy sad tears!02, I think like blame yourself, is not a good phenomenon!When someone is 22, he has the ideal and mature mind, and he has the same mind as you at 32!But that girl, there are people her age and younger who are better than her!No matter what time all want oneself and oneself compare!Some time ago, Tsinghua cleaning aunt Xing Guoqin played a piano song on the stage and became a hot search. During the epidemic period, she “came across” an idle piano.He talked at random a few times, that wonderful voice deeply attracted her, from then on she began to fumble at the piano, trying to find the tune of the day.Once, a man heard that she was a good player and recommended her to perform on the stage!On the day of her performance, teachers and students all gave her a warm applause!Applause means respect, recognition and appreciation for her!If Aunt Xing thought every day, those music professors had learned piano so many years earlier than her, and she had learned it so late, she had been sitting that stingy angry, what else to learn piano ah!So, be generous and stop thinking about other people.As long as they want to learn a skill, so not so much winding around, directly open dry good!There is nothing wrong with slight remorse, too serious remorse should keep your attention!I think excessive self-criticism tends to occur in people who are demanding of themselves, maybe when you were a kid, you had a parent who was demanding of you.When you grow up and you want to do something, you want to be good at everything.In this sense, self-criticism can help you succeed to some extent, but if it’s already causing you to feel emotionally stressed, you can’t do anything and you want to beat yourself up about it, it’s preventing you from achieving more.Don’t worry too much about what people think of you. If you have a feeling that you really care about, go for a walk, dance or something to distract yourself!When you have a conflict with someone, remember not to put all the blame on yourself, but to seriously analyze who is right and who is wrong.Also want to increase their own self-confidence, do not always think that others are better than themselves.Don’t be overly self-deprecating, “I can’t, how could I be so stupid, why didn’t I know to try before…”Don’t talk to yourself like that!Have no matter much boast oneself, want to coax oneself to work with oneself!The other side of self-criticism is acceptance, acceptance of yourself, acceptance of your immaturity, acceptance of your imperfections, acceptance of your mistakes, and trying to tell yourself that I was wrong this time, but I’ll make it right next time!Do not regret their lost opportunity, regret their wasted youth, people are slowly growing up, today’s own than yesterday’s own progress is OK!For more exciting content, follow me. I’m Zhang Xiaofu